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Listed below are bargain second-hand fiction books with fixed prices. 
Items are illustrated where practical.
I have several hundred books to list and I will place them in the catalogue as time permits.
They are from my personal collection or have come into my possession as an aside. 
I have priced them below what I believe is the current market value and there should be some real bargains. 
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The list will be updated on a regular basis with new items added and sold items removed.
The list should therefore be worth revisiting on a regular basis and/or entering on your favourites list.

To order simply mark and copy the item/s you wish to purchase and then paste them into an email. Send me your email. I will then prepare an invoice and email it back to you. As soon as I receive full payment by PayPal for UK and overseas customers. (UK customers may also pay by Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Credit Transfer) I will then post/ship your items.
I will endeavour to keep the list up to date but there may be the odd occasion where an item has already been sold and I have not had time to remove it.
(Please note I am a one man business and time is always at a premium)

If you wish to place an order or have any constructive suggestions that may improve this service please email me email

All prices are in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) Postage is extra.
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You can obtain a discount on completed orders from this catalogue or combination of catalogues from my website.
    5.0% discount if invoice totals between GBP 5.00 and GBP 10.00
    7.5% discount if invoice totals between GBP 10.00 and GBP 25.00
    10.0% discount if invoice totals between GBP 25.00 and GBP 50.00
    12.5% discount if invoice totals between GBP 50.00 and GBP 100.00
    15.0% discount if invoice totals over GBP 100.00
I will automatically calculate any qualifying discount before sending you a pro forma invoice.

Condition of Books etc. are graded as follows:-
M. Mint - never used.
VG. Very Good - very little signs of wear and use.
G. Good - general signs of wear  and use but still presentable.
Poor - Heavy signs of wear or grubbiness. (Still useful contents for reading, etc.)
+ or ++ signs may be added to above to further refine classification.
Where appropriate additional descriptive notes will be included.
Minor inscriptions are ignored.

Abbreviations used:-
bds.  Boards
bw.  Black and white
c.     Dated about or around
cl.    Coloured
dec.  Decorated
dr.   Drawing/s
dw.  Dust wrapper (Protective loose cover. Often illustrated)
ep.   End paper (last loose leaf in book - usually blank)
fep. Front end paper (First loose leaf in book - usually blank. Often has inscriptions)
fr.   Frontispiece (Illustrated page facing the title page. Often printed on art paper)
ill.   Illustrated
nd.   Not dated
pb.   Paper backed
ph.   Photograph/s
pic.  Pictorial
pl.    Plates (Illustrations printed on art paper)
pp.   Printed paged (Number of pages in the book)
rep.  Rear end paper (Last blank loose leaf in book)
All books are deemed to be hard back bound unless otherwise stated.

There is a link to a low resolution illustration of the item described to give you an idea of the item's appearance. (The illustration is deliberately of low resolution to save on internet storage space)
Just click the item reference number to see the illustration.

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General Fiction 

The catalogue is categorised in alphabetical order by author and title. 
To browse this list just scroll down or click below on the first letter of the surname of the author you are seeking:-


Click the reference number to see the picture

Nil entries at the moment.

EM0097  J.M. Barrie. "A HOLIDAY IN BED"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 9pp. Full page (creased) colour print by Russell Flint. 7x drawings by C.E. Brock) G+ GBP 2.50
EM0102  G.A. Birmingham. "THE SPY"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 8pp. 3x drawings by H.R. Millar.) VG. GBP 0.50
FB0010  "THE BOOK OF THE GOONS"  (Corgi Books. 1975. 245x188mm. 144pp. bw/ph. dr. pic/pb) VG. GBP 5.00

EM0114  A. Conan Doyle. "BIMBASHI JOYCE"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 9pp. 5x drawings + Colour plate by R. Talbot Kelly.) VG. GBP 1.90

EM0115  J.H. Fabre. "THE ANT-LION"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 5pp. 2x drawings + Colour plate by E.J. Detmold.) VG. GBP 1.00
FB0023 Stephen Fry. “THE LIAR” (Arrow Books. Reissued 2004. 198x130mm. 390 pages. Pictorial paperback. Weight 280g net) Very Good. GBP 1.50=

EM0116  Charles Garvice. "A MODEL SOLDIER"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 14pp. 13x drawings by J.H. Hartley.) G+ GBP 0.50

FB0012  Mrs. W.G. Hall. "THE SWEDISH SINGER" or "The Story of Vanda Rosendahl"  (William P. Nimmo, Edinburgh. 1871. 162x110mm. 159pp + 8pp catalogue. bw/fr + full page dr by P. Paterson. Decorated gilt lilac hb/binding with bevelled edges. Gilt edges to pages. Slight 10mm pull to top of spine. fep missing. Charming little Victorian book) G++ GBP 10.00
EM0123  Beatrice Harraden. "TRUE SPARTAN HEARTS"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 5pp. Tipped-in cl/pl by Edmund Dulac.) G+ GBP 0.90

FB0005  Rudyard Kipling. "THE KIPLING READER"  (Selections from the books of Rudyard Kipling)(Macmillan. New and Revised Edition. 1932. 176x115mm. 208+2pp. Light blue dec/binding) G++ GBP 1.00

Nil entries at the moment.

B1565  Spike Milligan & J. Antrobus.  "THE BEDSITTING ROOM"  (Star Book. 1984. 176x108mm.96pp. pic/pb) VG. GBP 1.50
B1296  Spike Milligan.  "A BOOK OF BITS OR A BIT OF A BOOK"  (Tandem. 1969 or 1974. 180x110mm. 96pp. dr. pic/pb) VG. GBP 1.80
B1564  Spike Milligan.  "A BOOK OF MILLIGANIMALS"  (Puffin. 1974. 180x112mm. 86+6pp. dr. pic/pb) G+  GBP 1.50
FB0015  (Spike Milligan) Edited by Norma Farnes. "THE COMPULSIVE SPIKE MILLIGAN"  (Fourth Estate. 2004. 240x158mm. 435 pages. B/w photos. Drawings. Black hardback binding with silver gilt titles on spine, VG pictorial dust wrapper. Weighs 720g net) VG++ nearly new. GBP 7.00 =
B1633  Spike Milligan.  "A DUSTBIN OF MILLIGAN"  Tandem. 1968. 180x110mm. 126+2pp dr, pic/pb, G++ GBP 1.90
FB0016  (Spike Milligan) Compiled by Alexander Games. "THE ESSENTIAL SPIKE MILLIGAN"  (Ted Smart. 2002. Foreword by Eddie Izzard. 240x158mm. 344 pages. Drawings. White hardback binding. Black titles and illustration on front cover and spine. VG pictorial dust wrapper. Weighs 670g net) VG++ nearly new. GBP 7.00 =
B1283  Spike Milligan. "FRANKENSTEIN ACCORDING TO SPIKE MILLIGAN"   Virgin. 1997. 222x140mm. 127pp. Black silver gilt binding. VG+ in VG+ pic/dw. GBP 3.50
B1635  Spike Milligan. "GILES"  (Seventeenth Series. Daily Express. 195x250mm. 128pp. Cartoons. Introduction by Spike Milligan. pic/pb. (Cover cracked and well used) G. GBP 1.90
B1659  Spike Milligan.  "THE GOON SHOW SCRIPTS"  Sphere Books. 1973. 207x162mm. 192pp. dr. pic/pb. VG. GBP 3.00
B1291  Spike Milligan.  "THE LITTLE POT BOILER"  Tandem. 1974. 180x110mm. 96pp. dr. pic/pb. G++ GBP 1.60;   Another. 1973. G, GBP 0.90
B1632  Spike Milligan.  "MONTY - HIS PART IN MY VICTORY"  Penguin. 1987. 180x110mm. 128pp. bw/ph. dr. pic/pb. VG+  GBP 1.80
B1660  Spike Milligan.  "MORE GOON SHOW SCRIPTS"  Sphere Books. 1978. 207x163mm. 160pp. dr. pic/pb. Foreword by H.R.H. Prince of Wales. VG. GBP 2.50
FB0004  Spike Milligan. "THE Q ANNUAL"  Penguin. 1980. 250x184mm. 128pp. bw/ph/fr. bw/ph. dr. pic/pb. G+ GBP 3.00
B1658  Spike Milligan.  "SMALL DREAMS OF A SCORPION"  Penguin. 1974. 178x110mm. 89+4pp. dr. pic/pb VG. GBP 1.80
B1661  comments by Spike Milligan.  "THAT'S AMAZING! - STRANGE FACTS"  Ladybird Books. 1988. 178x118mm. 44pp. dr by Ann Slack. pic/boards. VG. GBP 1.50
FB0002  Spike Milligan. "TREASURE ISLAND ACCORDING TO SPIKE MILLIGAN"  Virgin. 2000. 222x140mm. 172pp. Black silver gilt binding. VG+ in VG+ pic/dw. GBP 4.50
B1568  Spike Milligan.  "WHERE HAVE ALL THE BULLETS GONE?"  Penguin. 1986. 180x110mm. 288pp. bw/ph. dr. pic/pb. VG+  GBP 2.00
B1631  Spike Milligan & J. Hobbs.  "WILLIAM McGONAGALL MEETS GEORGE GERSHWIN"  Penguin. 1989. 180x110mm. 205+2pp. dr. pic/pb. VG+  GBP 2.00

FB0006  Charles Burrard Nelson. "THE PERSIAN LADY"  (A Woodland Mystery. Children's book) Figurehead. 1930. 250x190mm. 64pp. fr + full page drawings by the author. Grey cloth binding. Charming book (I have seen this book offered at GBP 15.00) VG. GBP 10.00

Nil entries at the moment.

FB0022 Ian Rankin. “BLACK & BLUE” (Inspector Rebus Novel)(Orion. 2005. 176x110mm. 498 pages. Pictorial paperback. Weight 270g net. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
FB0021 Ian Rankin. “FLESHMARKET CLOSE” (Inspector Rebus Novel)(Orion. 2005. 176x110mm. 482 pages. Pictorial paperback. Weight 270g net. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
EM0120  H. Rider Haggard. "MAGEPA THE BUCK"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" No date. c.1914. 244x182mm. 12 pages. 5x drawings by J. Byam Shaw. Very Good). GBP 1.00

FB0011  Roger Sawyer. "SPIKE MILLIGAN A CELEBRATION - THE BEST OF MILLIGAN"  (Virgin. 1996. 233x188mm. 160 pages. B/w photographs. Drawings. Pictorial paperback. Very Good) GBP 5.00
FB0001  R.L. Stevenson.  "TREASURE ISLAND"  (Cassell. No date. [Inscription 1924] 210x140mm. 340 pages Colour frontispiece r by John Cameron. Green hardback binding. [Some spotting to edges] otherwise Very Good) GBP 3.00
B1356  R.L. Stevenson.  "TREASURE ISLAND"  (The Heirloom Library. No date. c.1950's. 215x140mm. 287 pages. Colour frontispiece + 7 colour drawingsr + many b/w drawings by Werner Stein. Pictorial ewnd papers. Pictorial green hardback binding. Very Good) GBP 4.00
EM0113  Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler. "AN ANGEL OF GOD"  (Story from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" No date. c.1914. 244x182mm. 8 pages. 4x drawings by Steven Spurrier. Very Good) GBP 0.50

FB0009  Minette Walters. "THE ECHO"  (Macmillan. 1997. 232x152mm. 343 pages. Pictorial paperback. Very Good) GBP 1.00

Children's Fiction

B1318  May Byron. "J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy" (Retold by May Byron for Little People with the approval of the Author. Hodder & Stoughton. No date. 1942 inscription. 204x140mm. 144 pages.Frontispiece + drawings by Mabel Lucie Attwell. Blue pictorial hardback binding. Edges a little scuffed. Good++) GBP 5.00
B2553 L. Debenham. (A Play for Children) “A DREAM OF NURSERY RHYMES” (Abel Heywood $ Son Ltd. The White House Plays No.13c. No date. c.1930’s. 184x124mm. 24 pages. Paperback. Weight 30g net. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
FB0014  Daniel Defoe. "THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE"  (Frederick Warne. No date. c.1910's. 198x130mm. 312 pages. Colour frontispiece + colour plate + 4x b/w plates by H.M. Brock. Blue decorated hardback binding. Gilt + b/w titles on spine and front cover. Faded colour illustration pasted to front cover. Some wear to edges. Good) GBP 4.00
FB0019 FB0020  Juliana Horatia Ewing. "THE BROWNIES AND OTHER TALES"  (George Bell and Sons. 1896. 212x168mm. 122 pages. Front cover + Frontispiece + 5 full page illustrations by celebrated artist George Cruikshank. Hardback board binding. Important early illustrated children's book. Weight 240g. Good+ condition) GBP 10.00 =
B1310  Joan Leslie.  "A MERRY HEART"  (Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press. Reprinted 1924. 164x122mm. 77 pages. Colour frontispiece + 4x drawingsr by Albert Morrow. Prize label. Pictorial hardback binding. Very Good) GBP 5.00
B3112 B3112a W.L. Rooper. “THE SHOEBLACK’S CAT” (Blackie and Son Limited. No date. c.1900. 170x120mm. 80 pages + 12 page catalogue. Colour art frontispiece by H.M. Brock dated 1900. Drawings by S.B. Pearse. Pictorial hardback binding. [Front free blank end paper seems to have been removed. Never-the-less a beautiful charming book] Weight 180g net. Very Good) GBP 15.00 =
B3768 B3768a Cecily M. Rutley. “THE LIFE STORY OF AN OWL” or “THE TALE OF JOHNNY OWL” (Valentine’s Nature Books No.B620. No date. c.1930’s. 178x108mm. 16 pages. Drawings. Pictorial pierced paperback. Weight 30g net. Good+) GBP 2.00 =
B3826 B3826a B3826b B3826c Compiled by Ada M. Skinner and Eleanor L. Skinner. “STORIES FOR THE NATURE HOUR” (Harrap Story Teller Series)(George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. Reprinted. July 1928. 190x125mm. 253 pages. Colour art frontispiece. 8 full page illustrations. Green hardback uniform series binding. Gilt titles on spine. Very Good. Net weight 390g Small Parcel rate) GBP 4.00 =
FB0017 FB0018  Reid Whitly. "SWORDS ACROSS THE SEA"  (A Story of Buccaneering Days. The Aldine Publishing Co. No date. c.1930's. 190x126mm. 192 pages. Colour art frontispiece. Red hardback binding. Pictorial front cover and spine. Weighs 380g net. Very Good condition) GBP 4.50 =


B2692 (Catalogue of Plays) “THE EPWORTH SERIES OF PLAYS AND PAGEANTS” (A descriptive catalogue. Epworth Press. March 1962. 184x122mm. 32 pages. [Performing Rights Licence Application Form + descriptive leaflet tucked-in] Paperback. Weight 40g net. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
B2694 F.H. Everson. “THE SLEEPING LAYMAN” (A Play in One Act. A fantastic affair. The Methodist Church, Home Mission Department. No date. c.1930’s. 184x122mm. 20 pages. Paperback. Weight 30g net. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
B2414 S.A. Frazer-Little. “DESERT PATROL” (A One Act Play. For Four Males. Playing time approximately 25 minutes. Abel Heywood & Son Ltd. White House Community Dramas. No.1. No date. c.1940’s. 184x125mm. 24 pages. Pictorial paperback. Weight 30g net. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =


EM0117  Lady Sybil Grant. "THE LAND OF LET'SPRETEND"  (Poetry from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 7 pages. Drawings + colour print by Arthur Rackham. Very Good) GBP 3.00
FB0008  Steve Mason. "JOHNNY'S SONG"  (Poetry of a Vietnam Veteran)(Bantam Books. 1986. 198x127mm. 134 pages. Pictorial paperback. Very Good++) GBP 1.50
FB0003  Spike Milligan. "OPEN HEART UNIVERSITY"  (Poems)(Penguin. 1980. 210x147mm. 71 pages. Drawings by Laura Milligan, Jack Hobbs and Spike Milligan. Pictorial paperback. Good++) GBP 3.00
EM0106  Alfed Noyes. "A SPELL FOR A FAIRY"  (Poem from broken-down "Princess Mary's Gift Book" c.1914. 244x182mm. 5 pages. Colour print + 4x drawings by Claude A. Shepperson. Very Goods) GBP 1.50


FB0013  "THE BEANO BOOK 2000"  (D.C. Thompson. 1999. 278x194mm. Colour photographs. Colour drawings. Pictorial hardback board binding. Very Good+) GBP 1.50

Click the reference number to see the picture