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Listed below are bargain second-hand popular music compact discs with fixed prices.
Items are illustrated where practical. I have several hundred cds to list and I will place them in the catalogue as time permits.
They are from my personal collection or have come into my possession as an aside. 
I have priced them below what I believe is the current market value and there should be some real bargains. 

The list will be updated on a regular basis with new items added and sold items removed.
The list should therefore be worth revisiting on a regular basis and/or entering on your favourites list.

To order simply mark and copy the item/s you wish to purchase and then paste them into an email. Send me your email. I will then prepare an invoice and email it back to you. As soon as I receive full payment by PayPal for UK and overseas customers. (UK customers may also pay by Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Credit Transfer) I will then post/ship your items.

If you wish to place an order or have any constructive suggestions that may improve this service please email me email

I will endeavour to keep the list up to date but there may be the odd occasion where an item has already been sold and I have not had time to remove it.
(Please note I am a one man business and time is always at a premium)

If you have any constructive suggestions that may improve this service please email me.

All prices are in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) Postage is extra.
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    5.0% discount if invoice totals between GBP 5.00 and GBP 10.00
    7.5% discount if invoice totals between GBP 10.00 and GBP 25.00
    10.0% discount if invoice totals between GBP 25.00 and GBP 50.00
    12.5% discount if invoice totals between GBP 50.00 and GBP 100.00
    15.0% discount if invoice totals over GBP 100.00
I will automatically calculate any qualifying discount before sending you a pro forma invoice.

Condition of Compact Discs are in very good condition. I will describe any faults to cases etc.

There is a link to a low resolution illustration of the item described to give you an idea of the item's appearance.

Just click the item reference number to see the illustration.

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CDP0018  Rick ASTLEY "Free"  (RCA [PD 74896] 1991. 11 tracks. TT:48:23 Dance. Very Good) GBP 3.00

CD086  THE BADDIES - "Dance"  (Core Records [BDCD 003 D] 1990. 8x tracks. TT:36:19 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CD083  Arthur BAKER and the Backbeat Disciples - "Merge"  (A&M [395262-2] 1989. 13x tracks. TT:64:35 Rap & Hip Hop. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD0296 THE BANGLES - “The Best of the Bangles” - (Columbia No.494469 2. 1999. 18 tracks (see illustration), Insert booklet. (In unopened cellophane packaging. Case + Disc + Booklet all in Very Good condition) GBP 2.50 =
CD092  BARKING TRIBE - "Serpent Go Home"  (Ryko [RCD 10200] 1991. 13x tracks. TT:41:04 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD107  George BENSON - "Twice The Love"  (Warner Bros [925 705-2] 1988. 11x tracks. TT:49:53 Jazz Vocal. Very Good) GBP 3.50
CD105  Matt BIANCO - "The Best of Matt Bianco"  (Eastwest [9031-72590-2] 1990. 16x tracks. TT:70:44 Rock. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CD272  "Big Screen Sound"  (Movie Theatre Music. Realistic [51-5003] c.1980's. 15x tracks. TT:44:45 Soundtracks. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD018  BINGO BOYS - "The Best of The Bingo Boys"  (Atlantic [7567-82240-2] 1991. 10x tracks. TT:46:19 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD108  Andrea BLACK - "Andrea Black"  (AKR [ALRCD 32] 1990. 11x tracks. TT:44:28 Vocal. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CD124  THE BLACK EARTH - "The Feeling"  (President [PCOM 1103] 1990. 11x tracks. TT:47:41 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CD013  BRONX STYLE BOB - "Grandma's Ghost"  (Sire [9 26728-2] 1992. 13x tracks. TT:73:37 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD234  BROTHER BEYOND - "Get Even"  (Parlophone [CDP 791060 2] 1988. 12x tracks. TT:47:47. Rock. Very Good) GBP 2.90
CD130  BROTHER BEYOND - "Trust"  (Parlophone [CDP 793413-2] 1989. 10x tracks. TT:41:14 Rock. Very Good) GBP 2.90
CD153  Bobby BROWN - "Dance!...ya know it!"  (MCA [DMCG 6074] 1989. 9x tracks. TT:48:14  R&B. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CD151  James BROWN - "Live - Volume 1"  (The Collection [OR0065] c.1990. 9x tracks. TT:39:33  R&B. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CD079  The Trumpet of Sid BUSBY with the BERKELEY ORCHESTRA - "Portraits"  (President [PCOM 1105] 1990. 14x tracks. TT:46:11  Instrumental. Very Good) GBP 1.90

CD075  Cab CALLOWAY - "Cab Calloway & His Orchestra"  (SMS [SMS 47] 1991. 12x tracks. Total time - 38:15 minutes. Genre-Jazz. Very Good) GBP 1.00
CD150  Jo CANG - "Navigator"  (Arista [261 377] 1991. Total time-65:48 minutes. Genre-Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CDP0014  CHAMOND CLERMONT - "Tou Sèl"  (Sacem [51743 CD] 1989. 16x tracks. Total time- 65:14 minutes. Maloya music. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CD048  J. COATS - "Fire Escape"  (Smashtone [TECP-28637] 1991. 11x tracks. TT:39:09 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CD0281 CD0281a COLONY - “The Origin of Species” (Nonpop [TIKI-001] 1989. 16x tracks. Total time: 47.9 minutes. Genre: Other. Very Good Disc/Insert/Case) GBP 2.50 =
CD0280 CD0280a Al COMET - “Europ Pirat Tour” (150 BPM [CD 39317] 1991. 9x tracks. Total time: 26.8 minutes. Genre: Alternative. Very Good Disc/Insert/Case) GBP 2.50 =
CD041  COUNT BASIE - "One O'Clock Jump"  (Jazz Collection [OR0076] 1989. 14x tracks. TT:60:08 Jazz. Very Good) GBP 1.20
CD039  "Country Music's Golden Hit Parade"  (Reader's Digest [RDCD257] 1991. 13x tracks. TT:37:50 Country. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CDP0040  CREATIVE ANARCHY - "Dark to Light"  (A Pangaea Sampler [462473 2] 1988. 11x tracks. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CDP0031  Carlos CREATOR - "Pure Guitar"  (President [PCOM 1113] 1991. 12x tracks. Rock. Very Good) GBP 8.00
CD170  CULTURE CLUB - "The First Four Years"  (This Time. Virgin [CDVTV 1] 1987. 14x tracks. TT:62:22 Rock. Very Good) GBP 3.50

CD0279 CD0279a Toby DAMMIT - “A Big Grazer as a Cheap Mower” (Torso [CD 104] 1988. 11x tracks. Total time: 44.9 minutes. Genre: Other. Very Good Disc/Insert/Case) GBP 2.50 =
CD040  Vic DAMONE - "The Magic of Vic Damone"  (Prima [PXCD 108] 1987. 18x tracks. TT:54:06 Easy Listening. Very Good) GBP 1.20
CD049  Vic DAMONE - "Sings the Great Songs"  (Pickwick [PWK 134] 1990. 20x tracks. TT:66:54 Easy Listening. Very Good) GBP 1.20

CD062  "ENCORE ENCORE"  (Hits from the West End Stage)  (London Theatre Orchestra & Singers. The Collection [P0002] 1986. 20x tracks. Very Good) GBP 1.50

Nil entries at the moment.

CDP0020  GAZZA and Friends "Let's Have a Party"  (Best [ZD 74857] 1990. 9x tracks. TT:63:50 Easy Listening. Very Good) GBP 2.50

CD217  HAMMOND GOLD - "La Bamba"  (Conifer - The Compact Collection [TQ 147] 1987. 20x tracks. TT:61:14 Electronica. Very Good) GBP 1.50
CD265  The HEART THROB - "Spongy Thing"  (Hallin Music [60TP7 CD] 1992. 4x tracks. TT:18:46 Rock. Card sleeve. Very Good) GBP 0.90

CD0297 CD0297a Julio IGLESIAS - "Starry Night"  (CBS [467284 2] 1990. 8 page illustrated insert booklet. 10x tracks. TT:37:10. Case + Disc + Booklet all in Very Good condition) GBP 2.50 =

CD118  Janet JACKSON - "Rhythm Nation 1814"  (A&M [CDA 3920] 1989. 20x tracks. TT:64:31 R&B. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CD235  "20 JAMES BOND FILM THEMES"  (London Studio Orchestra. Laser [CD 2668372] 1989. 20x tracks. TT:74:32. Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.80
CD007  "JAZZ Singers"   (No publisher name. [BLN09] c.1980's. 22x tracks. TT:64:12 Jazz. Very Good) GBP 1.00
CD058  Holly JOHNSON - "Blast"  (MCA [DMCG 6042] 1989. 10x tracks. TT:42:58 Electronica & Dance. Very Good) GBP 4.50
CD186  George JONES - "George Jones"  ([ONN 40] c.1990. TT:35:20 Country. Very Good) GBP 2.00
CDP0019  Stanley JORDAN - "Flying Home"  (Mabhattan [CDP 7 48682 2] 1988. 9x tracks. TT:48:10 Jazz. Very Good) GBP 2.50

CD010  Grace KAIROS - "Emotions Park"  (RCA [PD74204] 1989. 12x tracks. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD205  Howard KEEL - "With Love"  (Laserlight [15 105] c.1990. 16x tracks. TT:48:55 Pop. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD206  KIARA - "This Time"  (with Shanie Wilson. Arista [162 001) 1988. 3x tracks.TT:12.46 Rock. 3". Very Good) GBP 1.00
CD213  K.K. - "Lucky One"  (PS musik [PS 91082] 1991. 11x tracks. TT:39:25 Islenskt. Very Good) GBP 2.00
CD020  Gladys KNIGHT and The Pips - "The Early Years"  (Topline [TOP CD 500] 1987. 16x tracks. TT:42:59 Blues. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD015  KOONO - "Senegal"  (Hot Wire [HOT 9002 C] 1990. 10x tracks. TT:43:40 Ethnic. Very Good) GBP 2.50

CD059  Patti LABELLE - "Winner In You"  (MCA [DMCF 3319] 1986. 10x tracks. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CD246  The LOST SOUL BAND - "Looking Through the Butcher's Window"  (Silvertone [ORE CD 43] 1992. 3x tracks. TT:9:22. Rock. Very Good) GBP 0.80
CD0286 CD0286a “LOVE & PEACE” (16 Greats from Flower Power Era - Includes:- The Zombies, The Castaways, The Turtles, Wayne Fontana, Troggs, Etc)(K-tel No.ONCD 3440. 1989. 16 tracks. Total time 42.1 minutes. Genre - Rock. Disc/Case/Insert all in Very Good condition) GBP1.50 =

CD019  MARSHMELLOWS - "Red Plastic Fish on Wheels with One Eye"  (Bait [MM 9201] 1992. 5x tracks. TT:13:32. Rock) VG. GBP 0.50
CD241  Paul McCARTNEY - "Flowers in the Dirt"  (Parlophone/mpl [CDP 7 916532][UK-CD PCSD 106] 1989. 13x tracks. TT:53:41. Rock. Very Good) GBP 3.90
CD026  MEHEAD - "One Good Eye"  (Makeright Records [Make Two CD] 1991. 12x tracks. TT:35:39. Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.50

CD245  NIGHTCRAWLERS - "Living Inside a Dream"  (Island [BRCD 250] 1992. 4x tracks. TT:19:16. Soul. Card case. Good++) GBP 0.90

Nil entries at the moment.

Nil entries at the moment.

CD252  The RAILWAY CHILDREN - "Native Place"  (Virgin [CDV 2627] 1990. 12x tracks. TT:44:49 Rock. Very Good) GBP 3.00
CD267  ROB'N'RAZ - Featuring LEILA K - "Rob'n'Raz featuring Leila K"  (Arista [260 672] 1990. 15x tracks. TT:51:26 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD006  Kenny ROGERS  - "I Prefer the Moonlight"  (RCA [PD86484] 1987. 10x tracks. TT:37:20 Country. Very Good) GBP 3.00

CD260  Neil SEDAKA - "Neil Sedaka"  (RCA CD Diamond Series [CD 90111] 1988. 16x tracks. TT:40:25 Rock. Very Good) GBP 1.90
CD259  The SIMPSONS - "Sing the Blues"  (Geffen [7599-24308-2] 1990. 10x tracks. TT:40:21 Rock. Very Good) GBP 2.50
CDP0038  Lisa STANSFIELD - "Affection"  (Arista [260 379] 1989. 13x tracks. Soul R&B. Very Good) GBP £2.50
CD256  STREETLIFE - "Keep on Movin'"  (Stylus [SMD 988] 1989. 14x tracks. TT:68:45 Electronica & Dance. Very Good) GBP 2.50

CD0278 CD0278a “TARKA” - Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson (PRT [PYC 18] 1988. 4x tracks. Total time: 48.6 minutes. Genre: Rock. Very Good Disc/Insert/Case) GBP 2.00 =
CD0283 CD0283a “TIROLERABEND” by Trachtengruppe Hauser (KOCH International [322 364] 1990. 17x tracks. Total time: 37.6 minutes. Genre: Country & Western. Very Good Disc/Insert/Case) GBP 2.50 =

CDP0006  Roger WHITTAKER - "In Concert" (Live from the Tivoli)  (Tembo [TMCD 4380] 1989. 21x tracks. TT:66:36 Easy listening. Very Good) GBP 3.00
CDP0002  David WILCOX - "The Natural Edge"  (Capitol [C2-92464] 1989. 11x tracks. TT:40:20 Rock. Very Good) GBP 3.00
CDP0039  WILDLIFE - "Wildlife"  (Epic [467361 2] 1990. 12x tracks. Rock. No booklet. No case. In plain card sleeve. Otherwise Very Good) GBP 4.00

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