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Abbreviations used:-
Anon. Anonymous artist (Unsigned)
apl.  Appliqued material
art.  from a painting or drawing
Bw.  Black and white
c.     Dated about or around
cd.   Postcard size card but not with an official 'postcard' back
cl.    Coloured
de.   Deckled edge.
des.  Design
emb. Embossed
NP.  No Publisher (Publisher not named on the card)
ph.   Photographic
R/ph.  Real photograph
sep.  Sepia
T.    Tinted

Assume all cards to be unused unless otherwise indicated "Used" "Used" indicates used in the post or with written message on back. All relevant information will be entered. (If publisher is not mentioned then this signifies that publisher is not indicated or is unknown. "NP" indicates no publisher mentioned)
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ADVERTISING  (+ Posters, Etc.)
P1830  (Agfa Copiers) "AGFA 'BLUEBIRD'..."  (Speedboat. Colour photo postcard. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.45
P1841  (Boston Rubber Shoe Co.) "BOSTON RUBBER SHOE Co. ..."   (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C13127. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.45
P1118  (Cadbury) "Are you there? I want- CADBURY'S...GENUINE MILK CHOCOLATE"  (Colour art postcardt. No publisher. No.RSS 06177. Used. Very Good GBP 0.25
P1565  (Card Times) "Card Times"  (Colour art design card. 1997 calendar on back. Mint) GBP 0.60
P1806  (Coty fragrance) "exclamation Dare..."  (Colour design postcard. Boomerang Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.40
P2133  (Cowie) "THE COWIE FAMOUS USED CARD 10 DAY SALE..."  (Colour design postcard. Used "CLEVELAND 17 SEP 1996”. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P1712  (Cowie) "Don't miss the FAMOUS COWIE USED CAR 10 day Sale..."  (Colour design postcard. Used "? 8 SEP 1997". Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2653  (Dalkeith Auctions) "DALKEITH AUCTIONS. WHAT CAN WE SELL FOR YOU?"   (Teddy bears + collectibles. Colour photo postcard. How's Business. Ltd to 1,000. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1831  (Dalkeith Auctions) "What can we sell for You?...Dalkeith Auctions"   (Bus)(Colour photo postcard.. How's Business. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1702  (Damart) "DAMART - SUPERCAR OR £30,000..."  (Colour art postcard. No.CD1-IAI. Very Good) GBP 0.30
B1705  (Dunlop Tyres) "Dunlop Tyres"  (Colour art postcard. Judges. No.C14824. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1810  (Fray Bentos) "THEY CAME FROM PLANET FRAY"  (Colour art postcard. Boomerang. Mint) GBP 0.45
P1801  (Gibbs) "SUPREMACY Gibbs's Dentifrice..."  (Colour art design postcard. Imperial War Museum. No.PCA 1. Used "LIVERPOOL 1.FEB.1997". Very Good) GBP 0.45
P1797  (Goodhews Public Houses) "The Barley Mow..."  (B/w photo design postcard. Mint) GBP 1.00
P1798  (Goodhews Public Houses) "The Sir Christopher Wren.."  (B/w photo design postcard. Mint) GBP 1.00
P2225  (Halls Smoothers) "Kiss your sore throat better..."  (Colour photo design postcard. Small 70x115mm. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1697  (Hovis) "I always get HOVIS FOR MOTHER..."  (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C14813. Mint) GBP 0.40
P2033  (Jonathan Cape Ltd) "NOW & THEN..."  (Text reply card. 1929. Very Good) GBP 0.45
P2038  (JPMorgan Fleming)  "JPMorgan Fleming Asset Management"  (Chess)(Colour photo design postcard. Official reply card. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1708  (Marriott Hotels) "GREAT MEETING PLACE Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour photo postcard. Mint) GBP 0.30
P1784  (Marriott Hotels) "GRAUCHO MARKS SAID 'ANYTHING THAT CAN'T BE DONE IN BED...Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour art postcard. Mint) GBP 0.30
P1657  (Marriott Hotels) "HOTLINES Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour photo postcard. Mint) GBP 0.30
P2480  (Marriott Hotels) "IDEAS FOR EATING OUT Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour art postcard. Mint) GBP 0.30
P2250  (Marriott Hotels) "INFINITE POSSIBILITIES Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour art postcard Mint) GBP 0.30
P1675  (Marriott Hotels) "JUST THE JOB Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour art postcard Mint) GBP 0.30
P2022  (Marriott Hotels) "Thank You! Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour design postcard. Used. Not posted. Good+) GBP 0.20
P2279  (Marriott Hotels) "Zzzz Courtyard Brasserie"  (Colour design postcard. Mint) GBP 0.30
P1858  (Nissan) "The Micra. Ask before you borrow it..."   (Photo card. Boomerang. Mint) GBP 0.45
P2094  (Picture Postcard Monthly) "PICTURE POSTCARD MONTHLY December 1995 - 200th Edition..."  (Colour art designpostcard by Michael O'Brien. Reflections of a Bygone Age. Used. Not posted. Very Good) GBP 0.40
P1676  (Safety Skirt Holder) "THE Safety Skirt Holder..."  (Colour art postcard. Judges. No.C13133. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1284  (St. Ivel Cheese) "The Pride of the West Countrie - The Homeland of St. IVEL CHEESE"  (B/w art postcard. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 10.00
P1840  (Taylors of Harrogate) "Yorkshire tea used to be"  (Kitchen table. Colour photo postcard by Colin Cuthbert. Unnumbered. Unused.) M. GBP 0.35
P1847  (Taylors of Harrogate) "Yorkshire tea used to be"  (Tea tray. Colour photo postcard by Colin Cuthbert. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1859  (Taylors of Harrogate) "Yorkshire tea used to be"  (Fireplace. Colour photo postcard by Colin Cuthbert. Unnumbered. Unused.) M. GBP 0.35;   (Used. "? 26 OCT 1996". Very Good) GBP 0.35
P1706  (Taylors of Harrogate) "Yorkshire Tea...Taylors of Harrogate..."  (Window seat. Colour photo postcard by Colin Cuthbert. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1719  (Taylors of Harrogate) "Yorkshire Tea...Taylors of Harrogate..."  (Cockerel teapot. Colour photo postcard by Colin Cuthbert. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1912  (Thames & Hudson) "THE CARDS WILL TELL THE STORY"  (Advertising "The Postcard Century..." by Tom Phillips. Colour photo design postcard. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.45
P1948  (Thought Factory) Animals  (Cl/art by Jo Leech. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1871  (Thought Factory) "Mogan 1998"  (Canary Islands. Cl/ph. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.30
P1837  (Thought Factory) "post it!"  (Cl/des. Red on yellow. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1866  (Thought Factory) "post it!"  (Cl/des. Yellow on blue. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P2163  (Thought Factory) "post it!"  (Cl/des. Red on blue. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P1838  (Thought Factory) "Pots in Portugal"  Cl/ph by Sam King 1997. Mint) GBP 0.40
P2029  (Thought Factory) "VISIT OUR NEW WEB SITE AT..."  (Space. Cl/des/cd. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1879  (Thought Factory) "Watendlath, Cumbria. June 1984"  (Cl/ph. Mint) GBP 0.35
P1714  (Tudorose stockings) "Tudorose stockings - Castle and Yarn Market, Dunster, Somerset"  (Colour art by Marjorie C. Bates. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P2226  (Waterman Pens) "Ideal - Waterman"  (Colour art design postcard by Jean D'Ylen. Dalkeith's Poster Card. No.P207. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1984  "BLEU DESCHAMPS EN VENTE ICI"  (Poster. Colour art postcard by Alphonse Mucha. Dalkeith's Classic Poster Series. No.P14. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.40

Ancient Art 
P2474  "Fresco from Knossos"  (Greece. Heraklion Museum. Colour photo postcard. E. Tzaferis. No.387. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2751  "Fresco of the Priest-King. From Knossos...""  (Greece. Heraklion Museum. Cl/ph. E. Tzaferis. No.389. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2752  "ATHENS - National Arch. Museum - Bronze statue of Poseidon..."  (Colour photo postcard. Publisher ?. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.25
+++++ Artists  (For children artists go to CHILDREN section)
P2644  (Anon.) Lake scene (Colour art postcard. Anon. Eneberettiget J.F.E. No.1010. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P1850  (Constable) "BOAT-BUILDING NEAR FLAT"  (Colour art postcard by John Constable. Medici Society. Unnumbered. Unused. Slight thin to back. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P1816  (Hassal) Lady  (Colour art postcard by John Hassal? T. Lloyd 'Lloyd's Series'. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2639  (Kroningstad)(Austria?) Mountain river scene (Colour art postcard by Erick Kroningstad. Eneberettiget J.F.E. No.1007. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2181  (Nepob)(Russia) Children pulling sleigh  (Colour art postcard by B.T. Nepob. 1866. Russian text. 1986. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25
+++++ Modern Art 
P2122  "Adam Boulter 'The Second Coming of the Lord of the Dance'...Clapham Art Gallery...1999"  (Colour art card by Adam Boulter. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.35
+++++ Oriental Art  
P1654  Hiroshige. "ASHIDA"  (One of 69 Stations of Kisokaido. by Hiroshige. British Museum No.B131. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.35
+++++ Sculpture 
P2291  (Michelangelo) "The Pietà - Firenze - Cattedrale"  (Italy. Colour photo postcard. Ediz. Giusti di S. Becocci. No.540. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.25
P2290  (Michelangelo) "The Pietà of Palestrina - Firenze - Galleria dell' Accademia"  (Italy. Colour photo postcard. Ediz. Giusti di S. Becocci. No.A.397. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.25
P2428  (Volterra) "VOLTERRA..."  (Italy. Guarnacci Etruscan Museum - Alabaster urn. Prosperin's rape. B/w real photo postcard. Ediz. Cappelli Leda. No.63. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.25
P2382  (Volterra) "VOLTERRA..."  (Italy. Museo Guarnacci - Copercho. B/w real photo postcard. Ediz. Cappelli Leda. No.48782. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.25
P2468  "Ivory Acrobat. From Knossos - 16th cent. B.C."  (Greece. Colour photo postcard. Hannibal. No.398. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2435  "Delos - The Terrace of the Lions"  (Greece. Colour photo postcard. No publisher. No.254. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25

+++++ Aircraft 
P1990  "Boeing 747-400..."  (Colour photo postcard. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.90
P3360  "DE HAVILLAND MOSQUITO..."  (Colour art by D. Bannister. J. Salmon Ltd., Sevenoaks. Unused. Very Good) GBP 4.00 =
P3078  "MILES WHITNEY STRAIGHT"   (Cl/art by Roy Nockold. Medici Society. No.945. Only 50 of this aircraft built between 1936-1937 for RAF and RNZAF. Unused. Very Good) GBP 2.50  =
P0588  "SHORT SUNDERLAND..."  (Cl/art by A.F.R. Bannister. J. Salmon. No.4844. Unused. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P1686  "Two Mk F XIV Spitfires of 92 Squadran..."  (Cl/art. Ian Allan. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.20
P2219  "AirShow '94..."  (Cl/ph + monthly calendars for 1994. Postcard Collector Magazine. No's 1994-1 to 12. Unused. Mint Set x12 cards) GBP 5.00
P2438  "BIPEX 1990 - Remembering the Few of 1940"  (Postcard Exhibition. Hurricanes. Colour artt by RAM. PTA. No.14. Unused. Mint) GBP 1.50
P3226  "THE BELL AIRACOBRA 1 - British Single Seat Fighter"  (B/w photogravure + descriptive back. Valentine's "Aircraft Recognition" Series. No.6. Unused. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
P3161  "THE BLACKBURN BOTHA 1 - Advanced Trainer"  (B/w photogravure + descriptive back. Valentine's "Aircraft Recognition" Series. No.7. Unused. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =
P2945  "THE BLACKBURN ROC 1 - British Fleet Air Arm 2-Seat Fighter"  (B/w photogravure + descriptive back. Valentine's "Aircraft Recognition" Series. No.8. Unused. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =
P2931  "THE BLACKBURN SKUA 1 - British Fleet Air Arm Dive Bomber"  (B/w photogravure + descriptive back. Valentine's "Aircraft Recognition" Series. No.9. Unused. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =
P2260  "BAGGAGE LABELS"  (Colour art design postcard. Dalkeith. No.D177. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.45
+++++ Ballooning  
Nil entries at the moment.
BUILDINGS  (See also in topographical section)
+++++ Arena 
P2426  (Italy) "ROMA - The Colosseum"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.675. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25
+++++ Bridges 
P2938  "FORTH ROAD BRIDGE - Six years to complete. Opened 4th September, 1964..."  (Colour photo postcard. Whiteholme (Publishers) Ltd. No.21779. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.90 =
P2954  "Tower Bridge, London"  (Colour photo postcard. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
+++++ Churches
P0983  Church Interior  (B/w photo postcard. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.20
P2384  (Italy) "ORVIETA Cathedral"  (Colour photo postcard. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.25
+++++ Engineering Fetes 
P1864  "Thames Barrier"  (Colour photo postcard. English Life Publications. No.17081Y) M. GBP 0.35
+++++ Hospitals  
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Lighthouses  
P2177  (Ireland) "Calf Rock, Co. Cork..."  (Colour photo postcard. by John Eagle. 'Irish Lighthouse Series' No.18. Very Good) GB 0.60
P1084  "DUNGENESS LIGHTHOUSE"  (Bw/R/ph. L.A. Kirkland N.R.I. Used "NEW ROMNEY 5 AU 32") G++ GBP 2.00
+++++ Monuments, Statues, Etc. 
P3236  "Peter Pan Statue, Kensington Gardens, London"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
P3237  "JOHN RUSKIN..."  (Memorial stone at Friar's Crag, Derwent Water, Cumbria. Bw/R/ph. NP. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
+++++ Museums, Etc. 
P1792  "NATIONAL FISHING HERITAGE CENTRE - whiff you were here!..."  (Cl/des.) M. GBP 0.40
P2155  "Sir John Soane's Museum..."  (Bw/R/ph/Invitation card to opening of the museum. 1994. Descriptive back) M. GBP 0.25
+++++ Stately Homes 
P1696  "Palace House, Beaulieu...home of Lord Montagu"  (Colour photo postcard. Pitkin. Np/ BEA1) M. GBP 0.30
P1758  "Palace House, Beaulieu...home of Lord Montagu"  (Colour photo postcard. Pitkin. Np/ BEA4A) M. GBP 0.30
P2156  "Chatsworth. The Emperor Fountain and South Front"  (Colour photo postcard. English Life Publications. No.748V. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P2134  "Chatsworth. The Queen of Scots Dressing Room"  (Colour photo postcard. English Life Publications. No.776S. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.30
+++++ Theme Parks, Etc. 
P2201  "EDEN CAMP"  (Malton, North Yorkshire. Colour photo design postcard. Eden Camp. Very Good) GBP 0.25
+++++ War Memorials, Etc. 
P3166  "THE CENOTAPH WHITEHALL LONDON"  (Sepia photo postcard. Philco Series. No.3562. Unused. Good++) GBP 1.00 =

P2173  (Churchill) "PRIME MINISTER'S CALL..."  (Navy. Bw/ph/des. Judges. No.C13442) M. GBP 0.50
P2957  (Anne Frank)(Netherlands) "AMSTERDAM/HOLLAND Anne Frank- Huis"  (Cl/ph. Sleding. No.51.935.45 211 796) VG. GBP 0.30 =
P1053  (Nelson) "HORATIO, 1st VISCOUNT NELSON"  (Cl/Art by John Hopner. Pitkin Vic3/73/10) VG. GBP 0.40
P1738  (Nelson) "Horatio Viscount Nelson, 1758-1805"  (Bw/art by Lemuel Francis Abbott, National Maritime Museum. No.139) VG. GBP 0.50
P2978  (Beatrix Potter) "HILL TOP, SAWREY, formerly the home of Beatrix Potter, who left it to the National Trust on her death in 1943"  (Bw/R/ph. NP) Very Good. GBP 3.00 =
P3007  (Beatrix Potter) "Hill Top. The Kitchen"  (Sawrey. National Trust. Bw/R/ph. Aero Pictorial) Very Good. GBP 2.50 =

+++++ Art 
P2227  (CR) Children riding on a reindeer  (Norway)(Colour art by CR'95. 46 Fereetur. Aune No.513484. Used "ALTA 01 7 98”. Very Good) GBP 0.40
P2698  (Beatrice Mallet) "JUST GIVE ME THE LEAD AND I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I MEAN!"  (Dog. Colour art by Beatrice Mallet. NP. No.7160. Unused. Very Good) GBP 3.50
P1720  (Mark Pacan) "FLY LIKE A BUTTERFLY"  (Colour photo art card by Mark Pacan. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.30
P2203  (Vera Paterson) "WONT YOU LET ME BE YOUR BO?"  (Violin. Colour art by Vera Paterson. Salmon. No.5221. Used "KENSINGTON 28 SEP 1954”. Good) GBP 0.50
P1645  (Phyllis M. Purser) "I WONDER WHY THE LITTLE STARS..."  (Colour art by Phyllis M. Purser. Salmon. No.6-36-52-16. Unused. Mint) GBP 3.00
P2050  (D.W. Rains) "Row you across Sir...? - CECIL"  (Boats. Colour art by D.W. Rains. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.60
P2041  (Rosalind Wicks) "CHRISTMAS CAROLS..."  (Colour art by Rosalind Wicks. David Shaw. No.9. 1991. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.40
P1646  (Anon.) "NODDY SINGS A LITTLE SONG"  (Colour art. Salmon. No.6-31-54-31. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.80
+++++ Fairy Tales 
P1710  (Denmark) "DANISH HANDCRAFT GUILD - Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen"  (Colour photo postcard. Foto og. No.6820. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.40
+++++ Photographs 
P1473  (France) "Futurs champions. Paris 1950"  (B/w photo postcard. 1989. Gallerie Otalia. Serie "Identites de la France - Hommage a F. Braudel. No.B 47. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P3145  Baby in Tin Bath  (Sepia real matt photo postcard. Early Judges?. "The Judge Series". Used "HASTINGS MY 15 05”. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =
P3327  "By the Sad Sea Waves"  (Baby in giant shell. Colour photo postcard. Millar & Lang. "National Series". Unnumbered. Used "WHITBY NO 25 08”. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =

+++++ Coins 
P3036  "NEW BRITISH DECIMAL CURRENCY COINS D FOR DECIMAL DAY. 15th FEBRUARY 1971"  (Cl/ph.des. Dixon - Lotus Productions. No.L6/8845/Trad. Conversion table on back) VG. GBP 1.00 =
+++++ Postcards 
P2006  "1994 CENTENARY of the PICTURE POSTCARD..."  (Aviation. Cl/art by Jack Follows. Rafletcard No.G14) M. GBP 0.50
+++++ Stamps 
P3220 P3221 P3222  Early GB Postal Stationery  (Set x9 numbered postcards issued by "Stamp Collecting" magazine in 1980) Mint x9 GBP 3.50 =
P1905  "RAFLET STAMP CLUB 1958-1998"  (Cl/des.) M. GBP 0.60
P2158  "Ships - Isle of Man..."  (Ships. 'Sir Winston Churchill' Cl/art/des. by A.D. Theobald. Isle of Man Post Office. No.11(12)) M. GBP 0.60
P1707  "Singapore Stamps of 1984"  (Cl/des. Singapore Philatelic Bureau) M. GBP 0.50
P2144  (26.April.1972) "TREASURES OF TUTANKHAMUN - TUTANKHAMUN THE HARPOONER"  (Cl/ph. Maximum First Day Postcard with special Exhibition First Day Cancel on 3d stamp) VG. GBP 1.60

P2020  (A.E.) "WHEN YOU COME HOME DEAR!"  (Drunk. Cl/art by A.E. H.B. Series No.995. Used "? 22 AU 19") G++ GBP 2.00
P1677  (Bisley) "HEY, YOU KNOW HOW FOGGY IT WAS..."  (Cl/art by Bisley. Dixon. No.PIW/23489. Used "ISLE OF WIGHT 20 AUG 1979") VG. GBP 0.40
P1869  (C.) "I CAME HERE FOR A GOOD PICK-ME-UP!"  (Cl/art by C. Inter-Art 'Comique Series' No.620. Used "SCARBOROUGH 11 JNE 1951") VG. GBP 0.40
P1722  (A.R. Caire)  "What's the Idea of the String on Your Finger!..."  (Cl/art by A.R. Claire. NP. No.4149. Used "YORK ? ? 1935") G. GBP 0.40
P1769  (Caport) "SHAY 'WHEN' OLE' BOY!"  (Cl/art by Caport. NP. No.644. Used "YORK 13 AUG 1956") VG. GBP 0.50
P2002  (CHAS.) "YES DEAR - THE WORKMEN HAVE ARRIVED - THEY'RE JUST GETTING THEIR TOOLS OUT!"  (Workmen. Cl/art by CHAS. Bamforth 'Comic' Series. No.2001) M. GBP 0.40
P2024  (CM) "But dear, I've only been sunbatjing with Mr. Goodhold!"  (Cl/art by CM. W. Barton. No.403. Used "STRONE DUNOON 14 JY 42") G. GBP 0.25
P1688  (DAV.) "Glad to see you didn't go down with your ship Captain!"  (Cl/art by DAV. Harvey Barton, Grinmor Series. Used "SOUTH DEVON 21 MAY 1977") G++ GBP 0.35
P2032  (Fitzpatrick) "DO YOU THINK THE DOCTOR COULD GIVE ME SOME PILLS..."  (Marriage. Cl/art by Fitzpatrick. Bamforth. 'Comic Series' No.036) M. GBP 0.35
P2680  (Fitzpatrick) "YOU RUDDY IDIOTS - I DIDN'T SAY I WISH I HAD A TWELVE INCH PIANIST!"  (Piano. Wishing Well. Cl/art by Fitzpatrick. Banforth 'Comic Series' No.071) M. GBP 0.35 [Expired Scheduled Picture]
P1842  (Fitzpatrick) "THE POSTMAN SAID HE HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR ME..."  (Cl/art by Fitzpatrick. Bamforth. Used "YORK 1 OCT 1997") VG. GBP 0.35
P1926  (Jack Greenall) "I know very well my husband only held a fire policy, that's why I'm claiming - he's been cremated!"  (Insurance. Cl/art by Jack Greenall. NP. No.4847. Used "GLASGOW 14 SEP 1940" Creased) G- GBP 0.45
P1903  (Joe Hughes) "I've found some wonderful attractions on the pier!"  (Cl/art by Joe Hughes. NP. No.7532) VG. GBP 0.50
P2093  (LERAY). "Would you like a little bit before supper?"  (Cl/art by LERAY. Sea Lion Publishers. No.21. Used "GREAT YARMOUTH 9 AUG 1962") G. GBP 0.35
P2287  (LERAY) "Are you pickling mother? No! It's drips from the sink dear!"  (Cl/art by LERAY. Sea Lion Publishers. No.44. Used "GREAT YARMOUTH 2 AUG 1962") VG. GBP 0.50
P1861  (Reg Maurice) "I'M THE VETINARY SURGEON. IS MRS. HIGGS IN? I'VE COME TO HAVE A LOOK AT THE BITCH"  (Vet. Cl/art by Reg Maurice. Humoresque. No.3318. Used "LANARK 16 JLY 38") VG. GBP 2.00
P2018  (Brian Perry) "He won't pick up much with that!"  (Elephants. Nudist. Cl/art by Brian Pery. Bamforth 'Comic' Series No.2073) M. GBP 0.45
P2645  (Brian Perry) "Just like my boyfriend - hands are never where they should be!..."  (Clocks. Cl/art by Brian Pery. Bamforth 'Comic' Series No.2074) M. GBP 0.45
P1996  (S.H.) "When you married you told your wife you were in a good position !..."  (Marriage. Cl/art by S.H. H.B. Ltd. No.6700. Used "BLACKPOOL 12 JLY 1955") VG. GBP 0.50
P1655  (SOL). "NO YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT..."  (Cl/art by SOL. Sapphire. No.15 Used) G. GBP 0.40
P2030  (Syd) "A CURE FOR A HOT TEMPER"  (Ice. Cl/art by Syd. NP. No.6397. Used "? FE 23 10") G+ GBP 2.00
P1971  (Taylor) "YOU HAVEN'T TIME TO RUDDY WELL BREATHE HERE LOVE!"  (cl/art by Taylor. Bamforth. 'Comic Series' No.754) M. GBP 0.45
P1760  (Taylor) "HOPE YOU PASS YOUR TEST ALRIGHT, MISTER!"  (cl/art by Taylor. Bamforth. 'Comic Series' No.1085. Used) G. GBP 0.30
P1214  (Taylor) "Enjoying a well earned rest! PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB..."  (Cl/art by Taylor. Bamforth. No.2/BAM-44 in a series of 60. Used) VG. GBP 0.20
P1826  (T.H.) "SAFE? 'course yer safe - BEER'S more to me taste now-a-days!"  (Cl/art bu T.H. Sunshine Comic No.5378. Used "TORQUAY 26 JNE 19??" Stamp removed) G++ GBP 0.50
P2270  (TP) "HAVING A RIPPING TIME HERE"  (Dog. Cl/art by TP. E.M. [Easton Millar Ltd.] No.L009) VG. GBP 0.50
P2083  (Bob Wilkin) "And to think your mother tried to stop me from marrying you..."  (Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7394) VG. GBP 0.45
P2641  (TROW) "Landlord: "Did you pull thr string?" Lady: "Of course I did!" Landlord: "Yes, and let all be bloomin, pigeons out!"  (cl/art by TROW. Coastal Cards Ltd. No.4730. Used "CLACTON-ON-SEA  2 AUG 1962") VG. GBP 1.00
P2642  (TROW) "You'll be able to go in, in a minute, Miss. She is now a-drying of herself"  (Cl/art by TROW. Brook Publishing. No.11915. Used "FILEY 9 AUG 1961") VG. GBP 0.50
P2695  (Bob Wilkin) "There is ladies and ladies - AND YOU AINT EITHER!"  (Neighbours. Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7285) VG. GBP 0.45
P2696  (Bob Wilkin) "Hello, Vicar - I believe I've made a bloomer!"  (Vicar. Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7329) VG. GBP 0.45
P1685  (Bob Wilkin) "Will you love me forever, darling?..."  (Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7406) G++ GBP 0.40
A2697  (Bob Wilkin) "Jones kisses his wife, why don't you ? - Mr. Jones might object dear!"  (Neighbours. Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7542) VG. GBP 0.45
P2136  (Bob Wilkin) "Did your wife say anything before she died?..."  (Marriage. Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7535) VG. GBP 0.45
P2077  (Bob Wilkin) "My first husband had much more sense than you have..."  (Marriage. Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7552) VG. GBP 0.45
P2025  (Bob Wilkin) "It's cost me a couple of quid in rings, to ring that blonde, Albert"  (Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. NP. No.7721) VG. GBP 0.45
P1860  (Anon.) "HARK! IS'NT THAT THE NIGHT JAR, HAROLD?  NO, LASS-- JUST SOMETHING I KICKED GETTING INTO BED"  (Cl/art. Bamforth 'Comic Series' No.697. Used "YORK ? SEP ?") G. GBP 0.30
P2275  (Anon.) "HERE'S A CHEEKY POSTCARD FOR YOU (CAN YOU PICK ME OUT)"  (Cl/art. Bamforth 'Seaside Comic' Series. No.2554. Used "? ? ?") G++ GBP 0.35
P2640  (Anon.) "The Boy's very quiet - what's he been up to? Oh. he's been playing with his organ most of the day"  (Cl/art. Brook Publishing. No.12025. Used "BRIDLINGTON 13 AUG 1962") VG. GBP 0.50
P1776  (Anon.) "IT'S PARADISE...BY THE SEA!"  (Cl/flock/art. FP Cards, Hull) G++ GBP 0.40
P2074  (Anon.) "Do you like this pinhead?" "No - BIG HEAD - I don't!"  (Tailors. Cl/art. H.B. Ltd. No.7323) VG. GBP 0.40
P2104  (Anon.) "What's a Gorilla Tommy?" "What mother fries the kippers on!"  (Teaching. Cl/art. Inter-Art 'Comique Series' No.5903. Used "SALE 17 MR 27" Some creasing) G. GBP 0.80
P1853  (Anon.) "I don't care a D-- for anyone when I'm on me holidays!"  (Cl/art. Inter-Art 'Comique Series" [Kay-Gee] No.7910. Used "MOLLAND BOTREAUX 29 MY ?") G++ GBP 0.35
P2001  (Anon.) "COME ALONG IF YOU WANT TO, WE NEED A WORM!"  (Fishing. Cl/art. Colour picture Publishers, 'Plastichrome' No.P26037. Used "KESWICK 26 SEP 1958") VG. GBP 0.40
P2385  (Anon.) "DID YOU TELL LIZA THAT I PINCHED YOUR SIXPENCE?..."  (Cl/art. PPC 'Philco Series' 'Comic Series' No.3239) G+ GBP 0.50
P2386  (Anon.) "THE PEOPLE HERE HAVE PLENTY AT THE BACK OF THEM!"  (Seaside. Cl/art. PPC 'Philco Series' 'Comic Series' No.5585. Used "BISHOP MIDDL? 11 FE 26") G+ GBP 0.50
P1752  (Anon.) "NO, NO, BOY- JUST THE GENTLEMEN!"  (Cl/art. Sunshine Comic. No.5952) G++ GBP 0.40
P2258  (Anon.) "My beachwear - don't I look nice? It certainly makes the boys LOOK TWICE!"  (Cl/art. Sunshine Comic No.5994) G++ GBP 0.40
P1704  (Anon.) "Look at that. Another favourite down. THIS JUST ISN'T MY DAY!"  (Cl/art. Sunshine Comic. No.6290. Used "??? 66") VG. GBP 0.40
P2170  (Anon.) "I LOVE YOU!" (art/des. Tomtom. No.96) M. GBP 0.40
P2387  (Anon.) "Having a Ripping time"  (Donkey. Cl/art. Raphael Tuck. 'Oilette' No.9494. Used. "WHITBY AU 27 08") VG. GBP 2.00 
P2284  (Anon.) "Dad, why do they always show Victory as a woman ?..."  (Cl/art. XL Series. No.9736. Used "WITHERNSEA 27 JY 37") G+ GBP 0.70
P2064  (Anon.) "Has anybody seen ma Regiment?"  (Military. Bagpipes. Cl/art. NP. No.479. Used "KIRKBRIDE JY 17 17") G++ GBP 2.00
P2031  (Anon.) "YE'RE LUCKY TAE HAE BEEN BORN IN SCOTLAND..."  (Ducks. Cl/art. NP. No.SC100605. Used "...DUNBARTONSHIRE ?? 66") VG. GBP 0.40
P1665  (Anon.) "THIS PLACE TAKES SOME BEATING!"  (Cl/art. NP. No.SC100627) VG. GBP 0.40

+++++ Fashion 
P2047  "Die ganzie Pracht der Tracht..."  (Austria. Cl/ph/des. Sonnwend. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.25
P2073  "Die ganzie Pracht der Tracht..."  (Austria. Cl/ph. Sonnwend. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Floral 
P3026  "WOMAN and HOME"  (Styled by Carolyn Bailey. Cl/ph by Michelle Garrett) VG. GBP 0.30 =
+++++ Interior
P2126  "David Livesey - GLASS AT YEW TREE CHAPEL"  (Slaggyford, Cumbria. Cl/ph/des) M. GBP 0.40
P1334  "ICONOSTASIS I or THE ROSE WINDOW 1967 by Sir Robin Philipson"  (Cl/ph. Whiteholme. No.8160X. Used) VG. GBP 0.25

+++++ Beautiful Girls 
P1768  African Beauty  (Sep/R/ph. Olegani? Italy) VG. GBP 3.00
P1974  (Senegal pretty girl) "AFRICA ORIENTALE - Ragazz di razza Somala"  (Bw/ph. Rotocalcoarafia Civicehioni - Chiavari, Italy. No.143) VG. GBP 1.00
+++++ Costume 
P2437  (Greece) "ATHENS, Body Guard (Evzon)"  (Colour photo postcard. Publisher ?. No.X208. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P4190 (North America) North American Indian Chief Costume (Probably a UK fancy dress costume)(c.1920’s. B/w matt real photo studio postcard. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Good++) GBP 3.00 =
+++++ People 
P3034  "Yours respectfully, Samuel Sykes"  (B/w portrait plain back postcard size photograph. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50 =

+++++ Exhibitions 
P1958  (1951) "SOUTH BANK EXHIBITION - FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN, 1951"  (Bw/R/ph. Tuck. No.FB 31) VG. GBP 2.00
P1803  (1951) "SOUTH BANK EXHIBITION - FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN, 1951"  (Bw/R/ph. Tuck. No.FB 37) VG. GBP 2.00
P1946  (1967 - Canada) "expo67 - YUGOSLAV PAVILION..."  (Cl/ph. Plastichrome. Used with special cancel "UNITED NATIONS EXPO 67 16 VIII 1967") VG. GBP 0.60
+++++ Fairs 
P1868  (1983) "COMMEMORATING 75 YEARS OF FRANCO BRITISH ENTENTE CORDIALE - BIPEX...83"  (Cl/art/des. Bipex. No.5) M. GBP 0.90
P1995  (1984) "BIPEX 1984..."  (Aeronautical. Cl/art/des. Bipex. No.7) VG. GBP 1.00
P2654  (1985) "BIPEX 1985 - 'THAT AINT THE COMET GUV'NOR..."  (Astronomy. Cl/art/des. Bipex. No.8) VG. GBP 1.20
P2467  (1987) "BIPEX 1987 - Dear Friend,..."  (Fashion. Cl/art. Bipex. No.10) VG. GBP 1.20
P1912  (1088) "BIPEX 1988 - We can't bear to miss it!..."  (Teddy Bears. Cl/art. Bipex. No.11) VG. GBP 1.20
P1908  (1989) "BIPEX 1989..."  (Titanic. Cl/art/des. Bipex. No.13) M. GBP 1.00
P1658  (1988) "BLOOMSBURY COLLECTORS FESTIVAL...1988"  (cl/art by Richard Blake. IPM Promotions. No.B6) M. GBP 0.70
P2113  (1988) "BLOOMSBURY COLLECTORS FESTIVAL...1988"  (Cl/art/des. by Richard Blake. IPM Promotions. Ltd 1250) M. GBP 0.60
P1987  (1988) "BLOOMSBURY POSTCARD FAIR...1988"  (Marilyn Monroe. Cl/art/des. by Richard Blake. IPM Promotions. No.B10. Ltd to 1250) VG. GBP 0.90
P2648  (1989) "BLOOMSBURY POSTCARD FAIR...1989"  (Billy Bunter. Turkeys. Cl/art/des. by JOZ. IPM Promotions. No.B29. Ltd to 1250) VG. GBP 0.90
P2037  "BLOOMSBURY COLLECTORS FESTIVAL..."  (Circus. cl/dez by JOZ. IPM Promotions. No.B34. Ltd 1250) M. GBP 0.70
P2676  "BLOOMSBURY POSTCARD FAIR"  (Glamour. Frog. Cl/art by Teresa Schofield. IPM Promotions. No.B35. Ltd 1250) M. GBP 0.50 [Expired Scheduled Picture]
P2135  (1991) "COLLECTORS FESTIVAL...1991"  (Aviation. Cl/art be Joe. IPM Promotions. No.B44. Ltd 1250) M. GBP 0.50
P1978  (1991) "Happy Christmas from Bloomsbury Fair...1991"  (Cl/art by Pamela Bassett. IPM Promotions. No.B57. Ltd 1250. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.40
P1772  (1988) "THE LEEDS POSTCARD FAIR"  (Circus. Cl/art by Fred Camp. No.1-6) M. GBP 0.90
P1778  (1988) "THE LEEDS POSTCARD FAIR"  (Circus. Cl/art by Fred Camp. No.2-6) M. GBP 0.90
A2254  (1988) "THE LEEDS POSTCARD FAIR"  (Circus. Cl/art by Fred Camp. No.3-6) M. GBP 0.90
P2249  (1988) "THE LEEDS POSTCARD FAIR"  (Circus. Cl/art by Fred Camp. No.4-6) M. GBP 0.90
P1982  (1988) "THE LEEDS POSTCARD FAIR"  (Circus. Cl/art by Fred Camp. No.5-6) M. GBP 0.90
P1762  (1988) "THE LEEDS POSTCARD FAIR"  (Circus. Cl/art by Fred Camp. No.6-6) M. GBP 0.90
P1794  (1993) "LEEDS POSTCARDS - VINTAGE AND MODERN"  (Cl/art by Fred Camp) M. GBP 0.60
P2248  (1995) "THE PICTURE POSTCARD SHOW 1995...Westminster..."  (Guardsman. Cl/art/des. by Ron Severs. PTA) M. GBP 0.90
P2231  (1997) "THE PICTURE POSTCARD SHOW 1997...Westminster..."  (Tiger. Cl/art/des. PTA/Judges. No.C18431X) M. GBP 0.90
P1922  (1997) "BOWL ALONG...SOLIHULL MEGA POSTCARD FAIR...1997"  (Cl/art by Jack Follows. Ltd. 1000) M. GBP 0.60
P1656  (1996) "1996 SOUTH OF ENGLAND AUTUMN POSTCARD FAIR..."  (cl/art by Brian Partridge. M. & P. Goldsmith. Signed by artist) VG. GBP 0.50
P1821  (1997) "YORK CARDEXPO INTERNATIONAL 1997..."  (Cl/art/des. No. CARDEXPO 8) M. GBP 0.60
+++++ Festivals 
P1783  "Belfast Civic Festival..."  (Cl/ph/des. by Aubergine. The Image Zoo) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ Pageants 
P1093  (1930 Runneymeade Pageant, Surrey) "THE BEGGAR MAID AND LADIES OF THE COURT - HENRY VIII SCENE"  (Sep/R/ph. Fleetwood Press. Gum on back) G++ GBP 1.50
P1058  (1930 Runneymeade Pageant, Surrey) "CHERTSEY ABBEY SACKED BY THE DANES"  (Sep/R/ph. Fleetwood Press. Gum on back) G++ GBP 1.50
P1086  (1930 Runneymeade Pageant, Surrey) "THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON ARRIVES"  (Sep/R/ph. Fleetwood Press. Gum on back. Tear in NE corner) G. GBP 0.50
P1092  (1930 Runneymeade Pageant, Surrey) "NELL GWYNN IN CHARLES II HUNTING SCENE"  (Sep/R/ph. Fleetwood Press. Gum + thin on back) G+ GBP 0.90
P1062  (1930 Runneymeade Pageant, Surrey) "THE SEALING OF MAGNA CHARTA"  (Sep/R/ph. Fleetwood Press. Gum on back + some thinning) G++ GBP 1.50
P1085  (1930 Runneymeade Pageant, Surrey) "SOME PAGEANT PLAYERS"  (Sep/R/ph. Fleetwood Press. Gum on back) G+ GBP 0.80

+++++ Erotica 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Pretty Girls 
P2121  "OPHELIA"  (Cl/T/ph. Hildesheimer. No. SERIES 5238) VG. GBP 1.00
P1721  "MODERN BEAUTY"  (Cl/art. Misch & Co. 'Modern Beauty Series" No.470) G+ GBP 1.00
P2107  Beauty with Flowers  (T/Sep/R/ph. Amag. No.61328/5. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.80
P1902  "CELIA"  (Cl/T/ph. NP. 'Series 5238') M. GBP 1.00

+++++ Birthdays  
P3276  "BIRTHDAY JOYS BE YOURS..."  (Pretty child with flowers + Verse. Cl/ph/des. Philco Series 2223D. Used "Sept 9 09" Not posted) G+ GBP 0.50 =
P3277  "BRIGHT & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..."  (Pretty child with flowers + Verse. Cl/ph/des. Philco Series 2223F. Used "Sept 9 09" Not posted) G+ GBP 0.50 =
P1929  "A Golden Birthday..."  (Beauty with lyre. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1939  "An Ornament of Love & Hope..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1930  "A Precious Birthday..."  (Beauty with birdcage. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1931  "Brilliant be your Birthday..."  (Beauty with Greek urn. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1932  "Jewels of Happiness..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1940  "May your Birthday be Bejewelled..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1941  "Riches on your Birthday..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1942  "To Adorn your Birthday..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1943  "To Celebrate your Birthday..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1933  "To Crown your Birthday..."  (Beauty with flowers. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1944  "To Embellish your Birthday..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1934  "To Honour your Birthday..."  (Beauty with pan pipes. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.30
P1680  "A Bright and Happy Birthday to You..."  (Primroses. Cl/ph design. Rotary. No.A.1311.2. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P1692  "A Happy Birthday to you..."  (Flowers. Cl/art. Rotary. No.4318. Used "NEW MALDEN 5 JAN 1937". Very Good) GBP 0.30
P1693  "A JOYOUS BIRTHDAY..."  (River scene. Sep/art. Rotary. No.A.858 5. Used "RICHMOND SURREY 12 NOV 11" Stamp removed. Very Good) GBP 0.40
P1679  "Fondest BIRTHDAY Wishes to y dear HUSBAND..."  (Daffodils. Cl/ph. Rotary. No.TR.9-95. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P1689  "For my WIFE'S BIRTHDAY..."  (Roses. Cl/ph. Rotary. No.T.R.10-108. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P1817  "To Greet my MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY..."  (Roses. Cl/ph/des. Rotary. No. T.R.2-240. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P2141  "TO MY FATHER ON HIS BIRTHDAY..."  (Sep/R/T/ph/des. Rotochrome. No.106.E. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P2140  "21st BIRTHDAY GREETINGS..."  (Roses. Sep/T/R/ph/emb/des. NP. No.153. Very Good) GBP 0.60
P2120  "A BIRTHDAY BRIGHT..."  (Waterfall. Sep/T/R/ph/emb/des. NP. No.478/2. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P3027  "JOLLY BIRTHDAY GREETINGS..."  (Child. "Little Miss Muffet.." Nursery rhyme. Sep/r/ph/des. NP. Very Good) GBP 0.50 =
P2019  "Loving Thoughts for my Dear AUNT'S Birthday"  (Cl/emb/ph/des. NP. No.R126. Used "READING 12 FEB 1938. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P1785  "A BIRTHDAY WISH - Think not you are e'er forgotten..."  (Child. Cl/ph/des. NP. Art Humour) M. GBP 0.35
P1915  "A happy Birthday and future prosperity be yours..."  (Cl/T/ph/des. NP. Used "READING NOV 30 1924". Very Good) GBP 0.50
P1786  "A HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETING - On thee and thine the sunlight shine..."  (Child. Cl/ph/des. NP. Art Humour) M. GBP 0.35
P1787  "A BIRTHDAY WISH - Life be like to May-time..."  (Child. Cl/ph/des. NP. Art Humour) M. GBP 0.35
P1788  "BIRTHDAY GREETINGS - When upon your birthday morning..."  (Child. Cl/ph/des. NP. Art Humour) M. GBP 0.35
P2131  "MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY TO FATHER..."  (Cart horses. Cl/ph/emb/des. NP. No.376. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P1789  "SWEET BIRTHDAY WISHES - Many a kind and loving wish..."  (Child. Cl/ph/des. NP. Art Humour) M. GBP 0.35
P2013  "WITH FONDEST Birthday Greetings TO MY LOVING FATHER"  (Cl/emb/ph/des. NP. No.0137a. Very Good) GBP 0.35
+++++ Christmas 
P3056  "XMAS - Fair Thoughts..."  (Holly + Bells. Cl/art/des. B.B. London. No.174. Used "WHITBY DE 23 08") G++ GBP 0.50 =
P1914  "May all Happiness attend you this Christmas Day..."  (Cl/art/des. H&SB. Used "KILBURN N.W.6 DEC 22 1922" Stain. Stamp removed) G. GBP 0.25
P1888  "A MERRY CHRISTMAS"  (Father Christmas. Cl/art by Fred Camp. 1990. J.T. Postcards) M. GBP 0.40
P1735  "Seasonal GOOD WISHES FOR XMAS"  (Cl/art by Fred Camp. 1990. J.T. Postcards) M. GBP 0.40
P3091  "WITH BEST WISHES FOR CHRISTMAS"  (Christmas Tree. Cl/ph.des. + verse. Watkins & Kracke. Series No.562. Used "WHITBY DE 24 09") G++ GBP 0.50 =
+++++ Easter 
P1975  "A happy Easter-Tide"  (U.S.A. cl/art/des. International Art Publ. Co. New York. Used. Not posted) G+ GBP 0.60
P1919  "A Joyous Easter..."  (Cl/art. emb. B.B. No.2526. Very Good) GBP 0.40
P1582  Easter Card with Chickens and Bells  (Cl/art. Russian card) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ New Year 
P1875  (Netherlands) "Frohe Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr...Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year..."  (Cl/art/des. Muva Greetings. No.D 8316-2. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.30
+++++ Removal 
P1844  "A little bit of Blighty..."  (Cl/ph/des. Lilywhite. No.187.C. Very Good) GBP 0.50
+++++ General Greetings 
P2118  "Happy Mem'ries - The murmur of the waters..."  (T/sep/R/ph/emb/des. Lilywhite. No.179B. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P1951  "God Bless you, dear!..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.35
P1952  "Loving Words to you..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.35
P1953  "My Heart goes out to you..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.35
P1954  "Thinking of you..."  (Beauty. Cl/T/ph/des. Regent Publishing Co.) M. GBP 0.35
P3164  "GREETING PURE & TRUE..."  (Bw/R/ph/embossed design. Beagles. No.998.B  Used "WATERLOO LIVERPOOL 5 FE 09". Very Good) GBP 0.70 =
P2202  "Greetings dun by me"  (Cl/art by f.e.m. Salmon. No.3696. Used "HADDINGTON EAST LOTHIAN 4 NO 60". Very Good) GBP 0.50

P1699  "THE SEE OF CHESTER"  (Crest + Bw/ph. F.S.O. Heraldic Series. Cathedrals. No.107. Very Good) GBP 1.50
P2075  "SCHOLA BEDFORDIENSIS..."  (Bedford School. Cl/crest + Bw/ph. F.S.O. 'Heraldic Series. Public Schools' No.154. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P1802  "WINCHESTER COLLEGE"  (Crest + Bw/ph. F.S.O. 'Heraldic Series' No.156. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P2108  "CITY OF BRISTOL" - "Bristol: from the Granary"  (Cl/crest + Bw/ph. F.S.O. 'Heraldic Series' No.293. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P2109  "CITY OF BRISTOL" - "Clifton Bridge"  (Cl/crest + Bw/ph. F.S.O. 'Heraldic Series' No.293. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P1986  "THE ARMORIAL BEARINGS OF THE BOROUGH OF RUGBY..."  (Cl/crest. George Over. Very Good) GBP 1.50

+++++ Drink 
P2427  "HARVEY & SONS  BRIDGE WHARF BREWERY, LEWES - OLD, MILD & PALE ALES..."  (Cl/art/des. Beer Mat with postcard back. Beer Mat of the Year 1990". Very Good) GBP 1.00
+++++ Food 
P1897  "KEY LIME PIE..."  (U.S.A. Recipe. Cl/art/des. Florida Natural Color. No.FG-198 108065. Used "NEW ORLEANS 9 JUL 1979". Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2096  "LA CUISINE LORRAINE"  (France. Cl/art by Jean Morette. La Revue Lorraine Populaire) M. GBP 0.40
P1935  "SEA FOODS OF CORNWALL..."  (Cl/ph/art/des. Murray King. Used "PENZANCE & SENNEN & LANDSEND 20 AUG 1981") VG. GBP 0.50
P2916  "Taste Cheshire Food Trail"  (Cl/ph/des. c.2009) M. GBP 0.25 =
+++++ Home 
P2897  "...Now we must choose the Firegrates"  (Colour art design postcard. "Choosing the Chintz" Exhibition 2009. Geffrye Museum. Unnumbered. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.25

P2102  "SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHPLACE..."  (Colour photo postcard. Jarrold. No.SPF. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.45

MAPS, Plans, Etc. 
P2984  "The Suez Canal - Bird's eye view on the Suez Canal"  (B/w stylised art postcard. No publisher. No.324. Unused. Remains of paper on back. Good++) GBP 1.50 =

P3102  "H.M.S. APOLLO (SECOND CLASS CRUISER)"  (Colour photo postcard. GD&DL) G+ GBP 2.00 =
P2950  "FIGURE-HEAD OF H.M.S. BELLEROPHON"  (Cl/art. Gale & Polden) VG. GBP 2.50 =
P2649  "M.T. 'BOSTON ARROW' NEAR WATER TRAWLER..."  (( by Harry Hudson Rodmell. Salmon. No.5514) VG. GBP 2.00
P1659  "H.M.S. ARK ROYAL"  (Bw/ Gale & Polden) M. GBP 1.80
P2145  "S.S. CARONIA large tourist liner, leaving Miraflores Locks on the PANAMA CANAL"  (Panama. Cl/ph. Mirro-Krome. No.FF-127) G++ GBP 0.90
P3014  "THE GOLDEN HINDE..."  (Colour photo postcard. 1982. The Post Office. No.CKPO 4) VG. GBP 1.00 =
P3025  "THE GOLDEN HINDE..."  (Colour photo postcard. 1982. The Post Office. No.CKPO 5) VG. GBP 1.00 =
P2191  "M.T. 'KENLEY' BERTHING AND FIRE-FIGHTING TUG..."  (Cl/art by Harry Hudson Rodmell. Salmon. No.5515) VG. GBP 2.00
P2247  "M.V. 'KINGENNIE' COASTAL TANKER..."  ( by Harry Hudson Rodmell. Salmon. No.5512) VG. GBP 2.00
P3183  "R.M.S. Mauretania - Cunard Line"  (Cl/art. NP. Presented by Palce Hotel, Inverness) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2974  "MICHAELSTON"  (Bw/R/p. NP) G. GBP 2.00 =
P1774  "ORIENT LINE S.S. ORION, 23,500 TONS"  (Sep/ph. Orient Line) VG. GBP 2.50
P1413  "ORIENT LINE S.S. OTRANTO 20,000 TONS"  (Sep/ph. Full description on back) VG. GBP 1.90
P2017  "GREETINGS from m/s 'PATRICIA'..."  (Cl/ph/art/des. by FAGA. Series No.34A) M. GBP 1.00
P2650  "M.V. 'PLAINSMAN' CARGO LINER..."  ( by Harry Hudson Rodmell. Salmon. No.5513) VG. GBP 2.00
P1993   "Royal Viking Sky..."  (Isle of Man stamp cl/art by A.D. Theobald. Isle of Man Post Office. No.11(12)) M. GBP 0.60
P1873  "M.V. 'S.H.B. SEAHORSE' SALVAGE & BUOY-LIFTING VESSEL..."  (Cl/art by Harry Hudson Rodmell. Salmon. No.5516) VG. GBP 2.00
P2196  "M.V. 'SETTER IX' WHALE CATCHER..."  (Cl/art by Harry Hudson Rodmell. Salmon. No.5511) VG. GBP 2.00
P2129  "H.M.S. VICTORY Dressed Overall"  (Cl/art. Gale & Polden) VG. GBP 1.50
P2949  Fishing Boats (Netherlands) "GROETIN UIT VOLENDAM"  (Cl/ph/des. Sleding. No.51.968.215) VG. GBP 0.25 =
P1294  Lifeboats "RNLI"  (c.1960s. Bw/R/ph) VG. GBP 2.00

+++++ Artistic 
P0965  (B.C.) "QUEEN'S OWN CORPS OF GUIDES (LUMSDEN'S) INFANTRY CAVALRY..."  (Cl/art by A.C. Lovett. National Army Museum card) M. GBP 0.30
P1607  (Anon.) "If Mother could see my table manners"  (U.S.A. Cl/art. Edward Gross Co., N.Y. "Smile Messengers" series No.114. Used "COLWYN BAY 26 MAR 21") VG. GBP 2.00
P2271  (Anon.) "THE WOUNDED SOLDIER"  (Cl/art. A,M, Davis & Co. Used "SHIPTON 29 OC 15" Ink message on front) G++ GBP 1.50
+++++ Photographic 
P1799  "Museum of Army Transport, Beverley..."  (Colour photo postcard. Jarrold. No.CKMAT 2) M. GBP 0.50

P1973  "BUT ONCE..."  (U.S.A. Cl/des. 1906. M.T. Sheahon, Boston) VG. GBP 1.00
P2085  "DOVE MI ATTACCO MUOIO"  (Italy. Translates to "Where Attack I Die to Me" Cl/ph.des. EBM. No.756. Used. Not posted. 1917?) G++ GBP 0.50

+++++ Animals  
P3511 (Cats) “Tired Out” (Anthropomorphic Cat in pinafore with broom. Colour matt real photo postcard. Martin J. Ridley, Boscombe. No.42. Unused) Very Good. GBP 2.50 =
P2010  (Cattle) "FOLKLORE ANDALUZ..."  (Bull Fighting. Spain. Cl/ph. Icaria. No.11.007. Used "PALMA DE MALLORCA 25 JUN 87" Tape on back) G. GBP 0.25
P3066  (Cattle) "WEST HIGHLAND OR KYLOE CATTLE, SCOTLAND..."  (Cl/ph. by K.G. Govan. NPO No.S1040-94668B. Used "LUSS ?? 66") G++ GBP 0.50 =
P1992  (Dinosaurs) "Daspletosaurus, Champsosaurus"  (Cl/art by Ely Kish (1976), Benedict Taschen. Used "? FEB 1996" Surface crack) G. GBP 0.20
P1124  (Dodo) "DODO (Didus ineptus)..."  (Bw/R/ph. British Museum (Natural History) No.C.22) G++ GBP 0.90
P1999  (Dog) "West Highland (White)"  (Cl/art by C. Gore (1967). Scotprint. 'The Fauna, Horna & Hoofa of Scotland Series' No.27) M. GBP 0.50
P1748  (Dogs) "Rigby & Digby in Portugal"  . (Cl/ph by Sam King 1994. Thought Factory) M. GBP 0.25
P1994  (Donkey) "BLETHERS - Biddy "Ochnee! Pat..."  (Donkey and cart. Ireland comic card. Cl/art by John Carey. NP. 'The Ulidia Series') VG. GBP 2.00
P3275  (Donkey) "IRISH DONKEY CART (GOING TO MARKET)"  (Cl/ph. Valentine's. "Carbo Colour" No.33712. Used "BELFAST 8 MAY 1953")VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2948  (Donkey) "FORTY WINKS - It is my picture..."  (Bw/ph. NP. Used "WHITBY FE 17 08") VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2983  (Elephants)(Ceylon) "Sacred Elephants belonging to the Kandy Temple"  (Bw/R/matt/ph. Plate & Co. No.231, Used. Sept.23 08. Stamp removed) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2584  (Farm Animals) "A Joyous Birthday"  (Calf/rabbit/chickens. Cl/art. Salmon. No.3610. Used "Ealing W5 2 SEP 1930") VG. GBP 1.00
P3144  (Foxes) "Young Foxes at Play"  (Bw/R/ph. G.P. Abraham. No.388. Used "KESWICK 5 ? 1966") VG. GBP 1.00 =
P2175  (Horse) "One of the Family"  (Bw/art by F.G. Cotman. RSPCA 'The Animal World Series') VG. GBP 1.80
P1857  (Horse) "Philip and his friend"  (Colour photo postcard. Thought Factory) M. GBP 0.40
P1759  (Horse) Statuette of rearing Horse  (Colour photo postcard. Russian descriptive text on back) VG. GBP 0.45
P2043  (Horse + Doves) "WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  (Cl/art. Salmon No.3612, Used "EALING W.5 2 SEP 1930") G++ GBP 0.90
P2028  (Horse and Carriage) "PALMA DE MALLORCA"  (Spain. Ediciones Bohigas. No.102) M. GBP 0.25
P1921  (Pony) "PONY CART RAINBOW SPRINGS..."  (New Zealand. Cl/ph. Friend Wholesale. No.F30. SE corner crease) G+ GBP 0.25
P2217  (Rabbit) "Hiaschen im Versseck"  (Austria. Cl/ph/de. Gundi Lantschner-Defner. No.48n) M. GBP 0.30
P2147  (Sheep) "WHERE THE SHEPHERD TENDS HIS FLOCK..."  (Sep/R/ph. E.A. Schwerdtfeger. No.2722/6. Used "? JA 17 11") VG. GBP 1.00
P1928  (Sheep) "Where the Shepherd tends his Flock..."  (Sep/ph. NP. No.G 1016/3. Used "POPLAR E 12 AUG 15") VG. GBP 0.80
P1824  (Zebra/Impala) "ZEBRA & IMPALA - SOUTH AFRICA"  (Colour photo postcard by Nigel Chapman. Art Publishers. Used "DURMAIL 2007.02.26") G++ GBP 0.25
+++++ Birds 
P2115  (Birds of Prey) "HORNSEA POTTERY RETAIL & LEISURE PARK..."  (Colour photo postcard. Hornsea Pottery. No.HP17) M. GBP 0.35
P2906  (Buzzard) "Buzzard"  (Cl/art by H.J. Slijper. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.4) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2281  (Canada Goose) "Branta canadensis"  (Canada. Cl/art by Laurie McGaw. NP. No.40-076-547 (7-85). Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.50
P1938  (Ducks) Ducks in Flight (Cl/art. A. Vivian Mansell. Series 2145) VG. GBP 0.50
P2899  (Heron) "Heron"  (Cl/art by Rein Stuurman. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.1) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2907  (Hobby) "Hobby"  (Cl/art by Rein Stuurman. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.5) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2902  (Lapwing) "Lapwing"  (Cl/art by Rein Stuurman. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.6) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2909  (Long-eared Owl) "Long-eared Owl"  (Cl/art by H.J. Slijper. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.8) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2904  (Nightingale) "Nightingale"  (Cl/art by Rein Stuurman. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.11) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P1711  (Owls) "Owls in a Wood"  (Cl/art by Mairi Hedderwick. NP. No.4/6 1978. Used "Guildford 23 JAN 2000") VG. GBP 0.30
P2910  (Redstart) "Redstart"  (Cl/art by Rein Stuurman. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.10) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2905  (Robin) "Robin"  (Cl/art by H.J. Slijper. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.12) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2677  (Seagull) "THE FRIENDLY SEAGULL"  (Cl/ph. Valentine's "Valchrome" 1315 Style. No.T.2056) VG. GBP 0.35
P2903  (Swallows) "Swallows"  (Cl/art by H.J. Slijper. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.9) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2901  (White-fronted Geese) "White-fronted Geese"  (Cl/art by H.J. Slijper. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.3) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2900  (Wigeon) "Wigeon"  (Cl/art by Rein Stuurman. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.2) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P2908  (Woodcock) "Woodcock"  (Cl/art by H.J. Slijper. Royal Society for Protection of Birds. c.1958. No.7) VG. GBP 2.00 =
+++++ Environment, Etc.  
P3171  "A SUNRISE"  (Sep/R/ph. Very early Judges. No.279) VG. GBP 1.50 =
+++++ Insects  
P1956  (Butterfly) "Swallowtail"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.1 of 10 - PBY25632) VG. GBP 0.45
P1963  (Butterfly) "White Admiral"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.2 of 10 - PBY25633) VG. GBP 0.45
P1936  (Butterfly) "Marbled White"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.3 of 10 - PBY25634) VG. GBP 0.45
P1950  (Butterfly) "Orange Tip"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.4 of 10 - PBY25635) VG. GBP 0.45
P1681  (Butterfly) "Red Admiral"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.5 of 10 - PBY25636) VG. GBP 0.45
P1976  (Butterfly) "Scotch Argus"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.6 of 10 - PBY25637) VG. GBP 0.45
P1981  (Butterfly) "Silver Washed Fritillary"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.8 of 10 - PBY25639) VG. GBP 0.45
P1998  (Butterfly) "Comma"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.9 of 10 - PBY25640) VG. GBP 0.45
P2051  (Butterfly) "British Butterflies: COMMON BLUE"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.6-23-56-90) VG. GBP 0.45
P1813  (Butterfly) "British Butterflies: COMMA"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.6-23-64-66) M. GBP 0.45
+++++ Plants, Etc.  
P1812  Chrysanthemums  (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C 970) M. GBP 0.30
P2039  "Oranges and Almond Flowers - MALLORCA"  (Spian. Colour photo postcard. Comercial Pampa. No.1007) M. GBP 0.40
P1829  "Parkrose"  (Cl/art. Signed?. Korsch, Germany. No.28689) VG. GBP 0.35
P2232  "Verbascum Bombyciferum (Mullein)"  (Colour photo postcard. by M. Asher 1998. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.25
P1852  "BLOSSOMS, BUTTERFLIES AND BEES"  (Cl/art. Photochrom. No.6) G++ GBP 0.60
P1648  "Ancient woodland, our richest wildlife habitat..."  (Staffhurst Wood. Cl/ph.1990's. Woodland Trust. Used) VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Trees 
P2913  (Ash) "ASH (FRAXINUS EXELSIOR)"  (Cl/art by C.T. Howard. Salmon. No.3514) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2911  (Beech) "BEECH (FAGUS SYLVATICA)"  (Cl/art by C.T. Howard. Salmon. No.3511) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2915  (Elm) "ELM (ULMUS CAMPESTRIS)"   (Cl/art by C.T. Howard. Salmon. No.3516) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2914  (Horse Chestnut) "HORSE CHESTNUT (AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM)"  (Cl/art by C.T. Howard. Salmon. No.3515) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2912  (Silver Birch) "SILVER BIRCH (BETULA ALBA)"  (Cl/art by C.T. Howard. Salmon. No.3512) VG. GBP 1.50 =

+++++ Appliqued Materials 
P2004  Spanish National Dress (Spain. Cl/art/apl/des. Savir, Barcelona. No.10) VG. GBP 1.90
P2023  Spanish National Dress (Spain. Cl/ph/apl. Savir, Barcelona) VG. GBP 1.90

+++++ Dance 
P1893  "AWAKENING JUSTICE"  (African drumming and Dance. The Elements. Edinburgh Festival. 1999. Cl/ph/des.) M. GBP 0.40
P1741  "Dance India Live!..."  (The Elements. Cl/ph. 1999 Edinburgh Festival) M. GBP 0.40
P2988  "MISS GABRIELLE RAY"  (Edwardian Music Hall Dancer and Actress. Cl/ph. Philco. No.2109. Used "WHITBY MR 1 10") VG. GBP 1.50 =-
P1898  "SAKATUMBE - SPECTACULAR AFRICAN DANCE AND MUSIC..."  (The Elements. Cl/ph. 1999 Edinburgh Festival) M. GBP 0.40
P2178  "Three Counts in a Bar..."  (echoReverb. Bw/ph. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ Film 
P3146  "MISS MABEL TERRY LEWIS"  (Early film actress. Hand tinted Sep/R/ph. by Lallie Charles. Rapid Photo Co. No.1063) VG. GBP 3.00 =
P2116  "ROBIN WILLIAMS...DISNEY'S FLUBBER..."  (Cl/ph/des. Boomerang) M. GBP 0.45
P3117  "Bruce Willis"  (Cl/art by Pete Sake. Cartoons and Caricatures) VG. GBP 0.50 =
P1761  "The Gilded Cage"  (Bw/ph/des. Film & performance. Spit & Polish Theatre. Edinburgh Festival) M. GBP 0.40
P1977  "007 - GOLDEN EYE"  (James Bond. Cl/ph/des. Boomerang) M. GBP 0.60
+++++ Music 
P1949  "An Evening with Kazuko Hohki & Tim Hope"  (ph/des. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
P1746  "Little Viennese Waltz"  (Art/des. Markus Kupferblum & Aron Quartet. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
P1771  "othello music"  (Cl/des. Walking Orchestra. BAC  Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
P2123  "Pelleas & Melisande"  (Bw/ph. Convivio. BAC  Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
P2256  "Platterback"  (Bw/ph. Westbrook & Company. BAC  Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
P1809  "Triology Life"  (Bw/ph. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ Television 
P3017  "Bill Waddington AS PERCY SUGDEN - CORONATION St."  (Bw/R/ph. Facsimile signature. Plain back) G+ GBP 0.50 =
+++++ Theatre 
P1745  "MISS PHYLLIS DARE"  (Musical Theatre Comedy Actress. Bw/R/ph by Whitlock & Sons. B.B. Used "DUNDEE OC 9 06") VG. GBP 1.00
P3328  "MISS MARIE STUDHOLME"  (Musical Theatre Actress. Cl/ph. Beagles. Series 3. Used "BARNSLEY ? AUG 13") G+ GBP 1.20 =
P3103  "JOHN A' DREAMS - MRS. PATRICK CAMPBELL and MR. TREE"  (Early. Cl/T/R/ph by T.C. Turner. Rotary  No.1627b. Surface cracks) Poor. GBP 0.50 =
P2139  "No"  by Janet Goddard + "Winding String"  by Janet Paisley. (Cl/art/des/cd. Mica Theatre Company at the Battersea Arts Centre. No date. c.1999. Descriptive back) M. GBP 0.35
P2053  "NEST"  by Jake Robson. (Cl/ph/cd. Design Led Theatre Co. Performer: Mark Gallagher) M. GBP 0.25
P2081  "OTHELLO by William Shakespeare - GOLDERS GREEN HIPPODROME....1930"  (Sybil Thorndike, Paul Robeson, Peggy Ashcroft, Etc. Text. John Waddington. Horizontal crease) G. GBP 1.00
P1890  "Dallas & Packer LIVE BAIT..."  (Edinburgh Festival. Bw/ph + Cl/des. by Mike McVicar) M. GBP 0.40
P1800  "Did You Ever Send Your Wife to Camberwell?"  (Refraction. Theatre/music. Bw/ph. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.45
P1698  "euripides Women of Troy 2099"  (Edinburgh Festival 1999. Just postcards) VG. GBP 0.40 
P2125  "KES...National Youth Theatre...Lyric, Hammersmith..."  (Cl/ph/des/cd. Descriptive back) M. GBP 0.40
P1662  "K - Kassandra"  (cd. Devised show. Edinburgh Fringe & Cambridge) M. GBP 0.40
P1703  "N.S.F.T.V. in association with Y.T.V. presents 'Silver Lining'"  (Bw/ph. NP. Used) VG. GBP 0.30
P2383  "Platterback"  by Kate Westbrook. Bw/ph/des. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.45
P2273  "Solitary"  (The Resurrectionists. Bw/ph/des. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.45
P1750  "Theatre du Risorius - Rama against the demons"  (Puppet theatre. Art/cd. Edinburgh Festival. Descriptive back) M. GBP 0.40
P1729  "TYPO"  (Cl/ph/cd. Devised show by Theatre Trash. Tristan Bates Theatre, London., 2007. Descriptive back) M. GBP 0.30
P2180  "War in a tea cup"  (Barnaby Stone. Bw/ph/des. BAC. Battersea Arts Centre. 1999) M. GBP 0.45

P1067  "JOURNEYS OF THE MIND"  (Cl/art) M. GBP 0.25

P2956  "HIS LATE MAJESTY KING EDWARD VII"  (Cl/art by I. Snowman. Raphael Tuck. "Oilette""His Late Majesty King Edward VII" Series. No.6699) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P3049  "In Memoriam. KING EDWARD. 'THE PEACEMAKER'"  (Black bordered bw/ph. Dennis. "Dainty Series" No.5099. Used "ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA JU 30 10" Surface crease to NW) G. GBP 2.00 =
P2860  "The Queen! God bless her!"  (Cl/art/des. Bamforth. No.10) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P1638  "HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE VI"  (cl/ph. by Drummond Young. Valentine's. No.3606) M. GBP 1.50
P1639  "HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH"  (cl/ph. by Hay Wrightson. Valentine's. No.3607) M. GBP 1.50
P1640  "HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE VI"  (cl/ph. by Bertram Park. Valentine's. No.3608) M. GBP 1.50
P1637  "H.R.H. PRINCESS ELIZABETH"  (R/Sep/ph. Bassano Ltd. No.12) M. GBP 1.20
P1811  "1952-1977 THE QUEEN'S SILVER JUBILEE"  (Cl/ph/des. Postcard Ass. of GB. Used with special label and red cancel on reverse for "The Daily Mirror Grand Exeter Jubilee Balloon Race, 6th June, 1977...") VG. GBP 0.50
P1716  "THE ROYAL FAMILY AT BALMORAL"  (Bw/R/ph. Valentine's. No.36/22) VG. GBP 0.90
P1988  "H.R.H. THE DUKE OF CORNWALL"  (bw/R/ph. by Lisa. Tuck. No.129F) VG. GBP 1.50
P1906  "Caernarvon 1969 - To Commemorate the Investiture of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales..."  (Cl/ph. Dixon. No.Wales 7729) M. GBP 0.60
P2127  "Diana Princess of Wales 1961-1997"  (Cl/ph. Philatelic 3.Feb.1998 Kensington special cancel on Diana stamp) VG. GBP 1.00

P0578  "BEST WISHES"  (Silk embroidered envelope with "BEST WISHES" slip inside. J.E. Switzerland. No.32768) VG. GBP 1.00
P2168  "CHRISTMAS GREETINGS..."  (Silk embroidered envelope with "CHRISTMAS GREETINGS AND ALL GOOD WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR" slip inside. J.E. Switzerland. No.32768) VG. GBP 1.00

+++++ Clans  
P1690  "CAMERON..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan. Celtic Art Society. No. P.C.602) VG. GBP 1.50
P2056  "MACLEOD..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan. Celtic Art Society. No. P.C.604) VG. GBP 1.50
P2011  "MACDONALD OF GLENCO..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan. Celtic Art Society. No. P.C.605) VG. GBP 1.50
P1969  "MACINTOSH..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan. Celtic Art Society. No. P.C.606) VG. GBP 1.50
P1682  "CAMPBELL OF BREADALBANE..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan. Celtic Art Society. No. P.C.607) VG. GBP 1.50
P1683  "MAC LEAN..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan, Celtic Art Society. No.P.C.609) VG. GBP 1.50
P2000  "MAC RIMMON..."  (Cl/art by R.R. McIan, Celtic Art Society. No.P.C.611) VG. GBP 1.50
+++++ Cycling 
P1664   "PHILIPS BICYCLE LAMPS"  (Philips advert card. Cl/art by L. Kalff. Dalkeith. No.D132) M. GBP 0.40
P2082  "SHIMANO The Original Bike Components - GIANNI BUGNO"  (Italy. Advert card. Cl/ph/des. NP. Used "MILANO BORROMEO 02 02 17")VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Engineering 
P2162  "THE SAWMILL - BLACKGANG ISLE OF WIGHT"  (Cl/ph/des. Nigh. No.WJN 1511) M. GBP 0.30
+++++ Father Christmas 
P2179  "A TRULY MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS"  (cl/art by Fred Camp. 1990. J.T. Postcards) M. GBP 0.35
P1814  Father Christmas with Nurses  (Bw/R/ph. NP.) VG. GBP 1.50
+++++ Fire Brigade 
P2063  "-Hope it's a big one! - I'm wet to the skin!"  (Comic cl/art by S.H. H.B. Ltd. No.6599. Used but not posted. Small punchhole to NW corner. Creasing) G- GBP 0.90
P1962  "...1907 40-60 h.p. Gobron-Brillie Fire Engine..."  (Cl/ph. Pitkin. No.NMM28) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ Fortune Telling  
P1632  "YOUR FORTUNE - What you desire you will shortly obtain..."  (Cl/ph. J. Welch & Sons. No.J.W.S.4. Used "CHELMSFORD MR 4 07") VG. GBP 1.50
P1633  "YOUR FORTUNE - This Crooked line tells you true..."  (Cl/ph. J. Welch & Sons. No.J.W.S.9) VG. GBP 1.50
P1634  "YOUR FORTUNE - To get a husband... - A HAPPY NEW YEAR"  (Cl/ph. J. Welch & Sons. No.J.W.S.18. Used "READING DE 29 07") VG. GBP 1.50
P1635  "YOUR FORTUNE - A new lover..."  (Cl/ph. J. Welch & Sons. No.J.W.S.21) VG. GBP 1.50
P1636  "YOUR FORTUNE - A disappointment in love..."  (Cl/ph. J. Welch & Sons. No.J.W.S.25) VG. GBP 1.50
+++++ Hunting 
P2424  "BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MY COUSIN..."  (Fox Hunting scene. Cl/T/ph/emb/des. NP. No.7709. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 1.50
+++++ Occult 
P1955  Witches  (Bw/ph. by F. Burton. c.1905, From collection of Brian Partridge. Boomerang. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.45
+++++ Occupations 
P2218  (Town Crier) "Lewis Carlin - Stamford & Oakham Town Crier - Toastmaster..."  (Cl/ph/cd.) M. GBP 0.45
+++++ Police 
P1691  "Policeman on Point Duty London"  (Cl/ph. Photographic Greetings Card Co. Natural Colour Series No.197) M. GBP 0.40
P2110  "Why didn't you signal what you wanted to do?" "Don't be silly. There's no signal for want I want to do!"  (Cl/art. Anon. Garland, Rudolf & Co. No.W131. Used. Not posted) G++ GBP 1.50
+++++ Politics 
P3013  "The Royal Free. NW3 - 'The Health Service is safe in our hands'  M. Thatcher - Not published by Private Health Ltd., or Burial Services Inc"  (Cl/ph/des. Satirical. MDH) VG. GBP 0.50 =
+++++ Postal 
P2195  "EDWARD VII WALLBOX, DORCHESTER..."  (Cl/ph. David Shaw 1991 (59). 'British Postbox Series No.27') VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Societies, Associations, Clubs, Etc. 
P1779  Decorated Celebration Cake - British Red Cross + St. John Ambulance Brigade...  (Bw/R/ph) VG. GBP 2.00
+++++ Trade. Work, Etc. 
P3016  Factory Girls?  (Bw/R/ph. H. Tewson, Leeds) VG. GBP 1.00 =

For all postcards relating to sport please go to Sporting Collectables  

+++++ Buses 
P2111  "TRAFALGAR SQUARE"  (London double decked bus. Cl/ph/des. Photographic Greetings Card Co. No.1348/C26636) M. GBP 0.30
P1846  "THE NATIONAL MOTOR MUSEUM, Beaulieu...1912 General Omnibus..."  (Cl/ph. Pitkin. No.NMM29/78/15) VG. GBP 0.40
P1832  "NATIONAL MOTOR MUSEUM, Beaulieu..."  (Bus. Cl/ph. Pitkin. No.NMM46) M. GBP 0.45
P1770  "GLASGOW'S MILES BETTER Now London's got the Message"  (Double decked bus. Cl/ph. Struthers Creations) M. GBP 0.35
P1970  "1923 Premier Omnibus Co Straker-Squire A--type"  (Cl/art. NP) VG. GBP 1.00
+++++ Canals    
P2097  "THE CHESHIRE RING..."  (Cl/ph. Salmon. No. 2-18-02-07) M. GBP 0.40
P1839  "Grand Union Canal - Batchworth lock..."  (Cl/ph. Judges. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP 0.40
P1899  "NATIONAL WATERWAYS FESTIVAL 92, WAKEFIELD"  (Cl/ph. Abba. No.NWF2 76 Ltd to 1000) M. GBP 0.40
P1757  "PONTCYSYLLTE AQUEDUCT, LLANGOLLEN CANAL..."  (Cl/art by Alan Firth. Salmon. No.2-22-05-22) M. GBP 0.50
P1521  "TRADITIONAL CANAL BOATS AND BOAT PEOPLE, 8 - Turk's Head...1964"  (C/ph. Shepperton Swan  No.8) M. GBP 0.45
P1671  "TRADITIONAL CANAL BOATS AND BOAT PEOPLE, 11 - River Wey Barges...near Weybridge 1965"  (Cl/ph. Shepperton Swan. No.11. Used) VG. GBP 0.35
+++++ Commercial Vehicles 
P2190  (Steam Roller) "Just rolling along having FUN!"  (Cl/art by Taylor. Bamforth 'Merry Message' Series. No.G295. Used "LOCKTON 11JY 1970") VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Motor   
P1961  "THE NATIONAL MOTOR MUSEUM, Beaulieu..."  (Colour photo postcard. Pitkin. No.NMM31/78/10) M. GBP 0.40
P2157  "THE NATIONAL MOTOR MUSEUM, Beaulieu...1906 20-30 h.p. Renault..."  (Cl/ph. Pitkin. No.NMM5) M. GBP 0.40
P1960  "1932 1750cc ALFA ROMEO..."  (Cl/art. Collectors Reproductions. No.P/A4. Used. Not posted. Very Good) GBP 0.50
+++++ Railways 
P2282  "Great Western Railway...Paddington Station...Lost Property Office..."  (Official reply postcard No.1535. Used "PADDINGTON W 4.DEC.16" Stamp removed. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P1894  "Invicta Railway Engine, Canterbury"  (Colour photo postcard. Dennis Photocolour. No.C.5121) M. GBP 0.50
P2198  "MODEL OF THE 'ROCKET' LOCOMOTIVE 1829..."  (B/w real photo postcard. Science Museum. No.86. Unused. Very Good GBP 1.50
P2257  Railway Engine  (Colour photo applied to card. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P3572 “NORTH YORKSHIRE MOORS RAILWAY...” (Colour photogravure multi-view postcard. Dennis Photocolour. No.G.015011L. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.60 =
P1740  "SETTLE - CARLISLE RAILWAY c.1910..."  (Cl/art by Alan Fearnley. A.W. Holmes (Paper) Ltd. Used. "BARNSLEY 28 OCT 1976" Crease) G. GBP 0.25
P2112  "Bergen Floybanen. Norway. The Funicular railway to mount Floyen"  (Norway. Aune. No.F-1780-4. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2220  "ALEXANDRIA BRIDGE BEKONSCOT"  (Bekonscot Model Village & Railway. Cl/T/ph. Jury Slough. No.843. Very Good) GBP 0.90
+++++ Traction Engines 
P1913  "'Lord Nelson' Burrell Showman Engine No.3443..."  (Beaulieu. Cl/ph. Pitkin. No.TE5) M. GBP 0.50
+++++ Trams 
P3038  Early Seaside Promenade Seaside Open Tram No.9 complete with full load of passengers. (B/w real photo postcard. No publisher indicated. Location not known. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =

+++++ Berkshire  
P1673  "WINDSOR CASTLE"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.1720c. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.35
+++++ Buckinghamshire 
P1742  "AYLESBURY"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.PLC9696. Used "AYLESBURY 26 JUL 1967". Very Good) GBP 0.25
P1872  "Stoke Poges Church"  (Bw/R/ph. St. Albans Series) M. GBP 1.00
+++++ Channel Islands 
P2193  "JERSEY..."  (Cl/ph/des. NP. No.16B. Used "JERSEY 26 JLY 1962". Very Good) GBP 0.30
P2171  "GOREY HARBOUR, JERSEY, C.I."  (Colour photo postcard. A.C. Gallie. No.ACG 108) G+ GBP 0.20
+++++ Cheshire
P1764  "PICTURESQUE CHESHIRE"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.2-18-00-13) M. GBP 0.25
P1763  "CHESTER"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.2-18-01-01) M. GBP 0.25
P2930  "The Cathedral, Chester"  (Colour photo postcard. Valentine's. No.14348. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
P3004  "Old Sun-dial, Bath St, Port Sunlight"  (mono/ph/des. Lever Brothers. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
+++++ Cornwall 
P2090  "JOHNNY FRENCHMAN'S HOUSE, MEVAGISSEY..."  (Colour photo postcard. by W.R. Bowden. Plastichrome. No.WHS 97/P36660. Slight vertical crease) G. GBP 0.15
P1900  "NEWQUAY, FISTRAL BEACH..."  (Colour photo postcard. D.E.M. Thomas 'Cornish Panorama Series' No.40. Very Good+) GBP 0.30
P2103  "Trenance Gardens, Newquay"  (Colour photo postcard. Harvey Barton. No.A10. Used "TRURO 13 AUG 1974". Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2199  "POLRUAN, CORNWALL..."  (Colour photo postcard. NPO Dexter. No.B7304-77108C. Used "ST. AUSTELL 9 JNE 1977". Very Good) GBP 0.25
P1727  "St. Agnes, Cornwall..."  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No. CORNWALL 1125. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P3001  "St. Michael's Mount"  (Sep/art by Elmer Keene. Charles Worcester. "Chic" Series. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
P2182  "King Arthur's Castle Tintagel"  (Cl/art. Robinson Leisure. No.5. Used. Not posted. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2952  "OLD POST OFFICE, TINTAGEL"  (Sep/ph. Valentine's. "Photo Brown" Series. No.11375. Very Good) GBP 5.00 =
P2934  "IN TRURO CATHEDRAL"  (sep/R/ph. Judges. No.4187. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
+++++ Cumberland 
P1767  "CARLISLE..."  (Sep/ph. Dennis. No.40. Used) G++ GBP 0.60
P2747  "Cockermouth Castle - CHRISTMAS GREETINGS"  (Cl/ph. Valenine's Series. Used "COCKERMOUTH DE 21 05". Very Good) GBP 1.50
P1991  "IN ESKDALE"  (Sep/R/ph. Judges. No.9924. Very Good) GBP 0.70
P2045  "UPPER ESKDALE"  (Bw/R/ph. Sankeys Ltd. No.E 792/205. Used "? 20 AU 67". Very Good) GBP 0.90
P3170  "Keswick to Windermere. English Lakes"  (B/w/R/8x mv/ph. Pettitt. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
P1423  "Shap Wells Hotel, Shap, Penrith, Cumbria"  (C/ph. Beric Tempest Colourcard) G+ GBP 0.30
P2026  "Wastwater"  (Colour photo postcard by Tom Wright. Sanderson & Dixon. Jarrold. No.KLD 716. Very Good) GBP 0.25
+++++ Derbyshire 
P3115  "Alport Mill"  (Cl/art by Howard Guest. The Brewhouse. Very Good) GBP 0.50 =
P2189  "BAKEWELL..."  (Cl/ph/des. Colourmaster/Photo Precision. No.DY 624 - PLX16667) M. GBP 0.25
P2946  "BUXTON: CAT & FIDDLE"  (Colour photo postcard. Photochrom. "Celesque Series" No.B.7911. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
+++++ Devon  
P3324  "ANSTEY'S COVE"  (Torquay. Colour photo postcard. Valentine's "Valesque Series" No.05039. Used "BABBACOMBE 30 MR 26". Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
P3325  "Babbacombe Beach, Torquay"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. Used "BRIDPORT 18 JUL 38". Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
P2092  "CLOVELLY HIGH STREET"  (Colour photo postcard. Photochrom. 'Celesque Series' No.A.9069. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P3143  "CLOVELLY..."  (Sep/R/mvx5/ph. E.A. Sweetman & Son. No.10200. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
P2932  "HAY TOR ROCK"  (Bw/R/ph. Chapman & Son. No.16174. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =
P2976  "The Moor from Hay Tor"  (Colour photo postcard. Chapman & Son. No.35. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
P1066  "OLD MANOR HOUSE, LUSTLEIGH" (Sep/ph. RA Series. Vertical crease. Some thinning to back. Used "TORQUAY 22 AUG 1934") G. GBP 0.30
P1229  "THE GORGE, LYDFORD"  (Colour photo postcard. GD&DL. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P3098  "WIDECOMBE VILLAGE"  (Sepai/R/ph. Raphael Tuck. "Real Photograph" Series. No. WCB.16. Very Good) GBP 2.50 =
+++++ Dorset  
P2439  "Swanage from the West"  (Bw/R/ph. Frith's Series. No.SNE 244. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P2440  "The Beach - Swanage"  (Bw/R/ph. Frith's Series. No.SNE 248. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P1694  "Greetens vrom SWANAGE..."  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon Cameracolour. No.2915c) M. GBP 0.40
P2186  "GREETINGS FROM SWANAGE"  (Cl/ph/des. NP. No.PLC2128) M. GBP 0.30
P1613  "Studland Church"  (Colour photo postcard. F.G.O. Stuart No.458 (J.E. Beale Ltd) 70032. Very Good) GBP 1.00
P3002  "PIXIES COTTAGE..."  (Tolpuddle. Home of martyr George Loveless. B/w/ph. Longmans. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
+++++ Durham  
P0600  "The Keep, Durham Castle - VARSITY DURHAM CITY"  (Cl/ph/art. J. Palmer No.1842. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P1695  "DURHAM CATHEDRAL S.W. & WATERFALL"  (Sep/ph. Photochrom. No.4747. Used "DURHAM 4 AUG 1932") G+ GBP 0.50
P2466  "DURHAM CATHEDRAL SANCTUARY KNOCKER"  (Sep/ph. R.A.P. 'RA Series'/George Bailes. Very Good) GBP 0.90
P2169  "DURHAM CATHEDRAL"  (Sep/R/ph. Valentine's. No.9883. Very Good) GBP 0.90
P2222  "DURHAM CASTLE AND CATHEDRAL (6)"  (Sep/R/ph. Valentine's. No.211755. Used "DURHAM 31 JUL 1924". Very Good) GBP 0.70
P2929  "The Dun Cow, Durham Cathedral"  (Bw/ph. Valentine's. No.17711. Very Good) GBP 1.20 =
P2937  "Galilee Chapel, Durham Cathedral"  (Bw/ph. Valentine's. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
P1907  "DURHAM CATHEDRAL"  (Sep/R/ph. NP. No.5. Used "DURHAM 6 JUN ?". Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2084  "THE GATEWAY, DURHAM CASTLE"  (Sep/R/ph. NP. No.9. Used "DURHAM 27 MAY 1932". Very Good) GBP 0.90
P2042  "THE FONT, DURHAM CATHEDRAL"  (Sep/R/ph. NP. No.10. Used "DURHAM 22 JUL 1932". Very Good) GBP 0.60
P2192  "South End of High Street, Stockton-on-Tees"  (Cl/ph. NP. Used "LONDONDERRY NO 5 06") G++ GBP 2.00
+++++ Essex  
P1957  "HOLLAND-ON-SEA, THE BEACH"  (Colour photo postcard. Sapphire. Used. Not franked. Very Good). GBP 0.25
P3353  "THE PROMENADE, WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA"  (B/w photogravure. Valentine's. Silveresque. No.H.726. "Sept 46" on back. Very Good) GBP 0.60 =
+++++ Gloucestershire  
P2584  "CLIFTON SUSPENSION BRIDGE - BRIDGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION..."  (Bw/R/mv/ph. Harvey Barton. No.K.4891. Very Good) GBP 3.00
+++++ Hampshire  
P1825  "EXPRESSING our GREETINGS from BOURNEMOUTH"  (Bw/R/ph. Nigh, Ventnor. Very Good) GBP 1.50
P1726  "PORTCHESTER CASTLE"  (Cl/art by Hazel Farrell. Thought Factory) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ Herefordshire 
P2080  "HAY-ON-WYE..."  (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C1489X. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2114  "HAY-ON-WYE THE CASTLE"  (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C3429X. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2176  "HAY-ON-WYE AND CUSOP HILL"  (Colour photo postcard. Judges, No.C4704X. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P1980  "HAY-ON-WYE..."  (Map/View. C/ph/des. Judges. No.C11763) M. GBP 0.40
P1773  "THE SEE OF HEREFORD - HEREFORD CATHEDRAL"  (Cl/des. + Bw/ph. F.S.O. 'Heraldic Series' No.112. Very Good) GBP 2.00
P1718  "The Old House, Leominster..."  (Bw/art by Peter Eliot 1990. Used) G+ GBP 0.30
P2953  "Leominster Priory Church"  (Colour photo postcard. Frith's Series. No.51927. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
P3086  "Priory Church (W. Front), Leominster"  (Bw/ph. Valentine's Series. No.24164. Ink note on back) G+ GBP 1.50 =
+++++ Hertfordshire 

P1911  "St. Mary's Church, Knebworth..."  (Colour photo postcard. Beric Tempest) M. GBP 0.25
+++++ Huntingdonshire  
P2679  "RIVER OUSE AT ST. NEOT'S"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.1-28-05-01) M. GBP 0.60
P1715  "THE MARKET PLACE, ST. NEOT'S"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.1-28-05-02) M. GBP 0.90
+++++ Isle of Wight 
P2646  "COMPTON BAY, I.W."  (Colour photo postcard. W.J. Nigh & Sons. Plastichrome. No.WJN 1014. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2274  "TOTLAND BAY, I.W."  (Colour photo postcard. W.J. Nigh & Sons. Plastichrome. No.WJN 1089. Very Good) GBP 0.60
P2194  "BRADING CHURCH..."  (Colour photo postcard. Nigh. Plastichrome. No.WJN 1182. Very Good) GBP 0.30
P2061  "WEST WIGHT..."  (Colour photo postcard. W.J. Nigh & Sons. No.KIW 380. Very Good) GBP 0.25
P2582  "FRESHWATER BAY, I-O-W"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.PT22675. Very Good) GBP 0.35
P2221  "ALUM BAY, I-O-W"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.PT22682. Very Good) GBP 0.35
+++++ Kent  
P1989  "THE BAYS OF BROADSTAIRS..."  (Cl/ph/des. Elgate Postcards. No.ET.4758. Used "THANET 9.SEP.1985") VG. GBP 0.25
P1734  "Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Kent..."   (Colour photo postcard. Beric Tempest) M. GBP 0.30
P1901  "OLD WEAVER HOUSE CANTERBURY..."  (Colour photo postcard. Bennett Publications. No.7615) VG. GBP 0.40
P2280  "Rochester Castle, Kent. Keep from south east"  (Colour photo postcard. English Heritage. No.P1) M. GBP 0.25
P2255  "Rochester Castle, Kent. Keep from the north east"  (Colour photo postcard. English Heritage. No.P6) M. GBP 0.25
P2251  "Rochester Castle, Kent..."  (Cl/art by Alan Sorrell. English Heritage. No.P7) M. GBP 0.40
P2005  "Rochester Cathedral"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.2-64-06-01) M. GBP 0.25
P2748  "ROCHESTER..."  (Cl/ph/mvx6. Salmon. No.2-64-06-05) M. GBP 0.25
P2749  "Rochester - EASTGATE HOUSE..."  (Cl/ph/mvx6. Salmon. No.2-64-06-06) M. GBP 0.25
P2425  "HIGH STREET, ROCHESTER"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.2-64-06-07) M. GBP 0.25
P2469  "RIVER MEDWAY FROM ROCHESTER CASTLE"  (Cl/ph. Salmon. No.2-64-06-08) M. GBP 0.25
P2470  "ROCHESTER CASTLE"  (Colour photo postcard. Salmon. No.2-64-06-09) M. GBP 0.25
P3239  "Old Manor, South Swinford"  (Near Great Chart, Kent. Colour photo postcard. Valentine's Series. No.42147 J.V.) G++ GBP 1.50 =
P2187  "TANKERTON..."  (Cl/ph/des. NP. No.PLC5081) M. GBP 0.30
P1063  "WALMER CASTLE"  (Bw/R/ph. NP. No.2.S.C.L.B. Used "DEAL 16 AUG 1936") G++  GBP 1.00
+++++ Lancashire  
P2062  "BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS"  (Colour photo postcard. Dennis. Photocolour No.89 B.1520) VG. GBP 0.25
P2269  "BLACKPOOL North Pier..."  (Colour photo postcard by Gordon Flanagan. Photographic Heritage 'Lancashire Heritage Collectors Cards' No.LA-099) M. GBP 0.25
P1896  "BLACKPOOL..."  (Bw/ph. NP. No.426. Used "BLACKPOOL 1 OCT 19??") VG. GBP 0.35
P1541  "HALL ITH WOOD"  (Bolton. Bw/R/ph. Bevan, Heswall. "Dingle" Series) VG, GBP 1.00
P2963  "St. John's Church, Irlams O'th Height"  (Bw/R/matt ph. Hough. Used "MANCHESTER 7 JUN 1924") VG. GBP 1.50 =
P1366  "SMITHELLS HALL, BOLTON"  (Bw/R/ph. Bevan. "Dingle" Series) VG. GBP 1.00
P1666  "MANCHESTER Albert Square, Town Hall and Central Library"  (Cl/ph. Stott Brothers. No.P20) M. GBP 0.25
P3099  "LIME STREET, LIVERPOOL"  (Colour photo postcard. Lewis's Series. Used "LIVERPOOL 9 SP 07") G+ GBP 2.00 =
P3003  "PRESTON: PENWORTHAM CHURCH"  (Colour photo postcard. Dennis. "Dainty Series" No.C2024) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2979  "HIGH GREENGATE, SAWREY"  (Bw/R/ph. NP. "April 30th '56" in ink on back) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P1815  "THE ALPINE GARDENS, ST. ANNES-ON-SEA"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.PT18630. Used "FYLDE COAST 2 AUG 1968") VG. GBP 0.30
+++++ Leicestershire  
P3219  "Ruins Leicester Abbey"  (Sep/R/ph. NP. No.9) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P3278  "SOUTH KILWORTH"  (Cl/ph/mvx4. J/V Series. No.597C) VG. GBP 0.50 =
+++++ Lincolnshire  
P2476  "I'D BE CONTENT TO STAY HERE FOR THE REST OF MY NATURAL. IT SUITS ME AT CLEETHORPES"  (Cl/comic/art. Bamforth. 'Seaside Comic' Series No.2091. Used "CLEETHORPES 21 JUN 26") G. GBP 1.00
P1670  "HOLME-NEXT-SEA"  (Colour photo postcard. Kingsley. No.KN 1268) M. GBP 0.25
P1945  "HOLME-NEXT-SEA"  (Colour photo postcard. Kingsley. No.KN 1269) M. GBP 0.25
P1833  "THE CLOCK TOWER, SKEGNESS"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.PT15119. Used "HORNCASTLE 2 AUG 1967") VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ London  
P1733  "AN AERIAL VIEW OF LONDON AND THE RIVER THAMES"  (Colour photo postcard. Colourmaster. No.PT9943) M. GBP 0.25
P2160  "London Bridge, London"  (Sep/ph. J.A. Kensit) VG. GBP 0.50
P2276  "The Mansion House, London"  (Sep/ph. J.A. Kensit) VG. GBP 0.50
P2068  "Regent Street, London"  (Sep/ph. J.A. Kensit) VG. GBP 0.50
P2165  "Triumphal Arch, Constitution Hill, London"  (Sep/ph. J.A. Kensit) VG. GBP 0.50
P1736  "LONDON - TRAFALGAR SQUARE"  (Sep/ph. London Stereoscopic Co.) VG. GBP 0.50
P2117  "Tower of London, London"  (Colour photo postcard. Photographic Greetings Card Co. No.510. Used 1980. Not posted) G+ GBP 0.20
P3141  "HOTEL RUSSELL"  (London. Bw/ph. Hotel Russell) VG. GBP 1.00 =
P2958  "LUDGATE HILL AND ST. PAUL'S LONDON"  (Sep/R/ph. W.H. Smith "Kingsway Real Phot Series" No.6426) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P3089  "Piccadilly Circus..."  (B/w/R/matt/ph. Valentine's Series. No.75206) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P3168  "BANK OF ENGLAND AND ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON" (Cl/ph. Valentine's. "Valesque" Series. No.G.7872) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2955  "WHITEHALL AND THE CENOTAPH, LONDON"  (Sep/R/ph. NP. No.87) VG. GBP 0.50 =
P3181  "London, London Bridge"  (Sep/R/ph. NP) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P1845  "LONDON"  (Bw/ph. NP. No.280A. Used "LONDON W.1 22 MAY 1952") VG. GBP 0.40
P2481  "The Great Westminster Clock (Big Ben) - MADE BY E. DENT & Co. LTD..."  (Bw/ph/des. NP. Used. Not posted) G+ GBP 1.50
P3069  "London. Royal Exchange"  (Bw/vig/ph. NP. undivided back. Used "LONDON SP 6 01") VG. GBP 2.50 =
P3167  "Big Ben and Westminster Bridge, London"  (Cl/ph. NP) VG. GBP 1.00 =
P1964  "THE HORSE GUARDS, WHITEHALL, LONDON"  (Cl/ph. NP. 'London through the Camera Series') M. GBP 0.35
P2184  "HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT, LONDON"  (Cl/T/ph. NP. 'London through the Camera Series') M. GBP 0.35

P2947  "Whitehall and the Cenotaph, London"  (Colour photo postcard. NP. No.11) VG. GBP 0.60 =
+++++ Middlesex 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Norfolk  
P2048  "KING'S LYNN...Greyfriars Tower..."  (Colour photo postcard. Ace Cards. No.KL 13) M. GBP 0.25
P1663  "Southgate, King's Lynn"  (Colour photo postcard. Dennis. No.89) M. GBP 0.25
P1674  "KING'S LYNN"  (Colour photo postcard. Dennis. No.89 K.012008L) M. GBP 0.25
P2057  "The Castle, Castle Rising, King's Lynn, Norfolk"  (Colour photo postcard. Dennis. No.89 N.016041L) M. GBP 0.25
P2060  "THE PRIORY CHURCH OF S. MARGARET, KINGS LYNN"  (Cl/ph by Colin Shewring. Restoration Fund. Dowrick Design) M. GBP 0.25
P1709  "Pineapple Coach House, STOKE FERRY, Norfolk"  (Cl/ph. PH Topics. [Not Just Postboxes 13] No.349. Used "READING 10 NOV 2000") VG. GBP 0.30
+++++ Northamptonshire  
P1421  "Great Brington Church, Northants"  (Cl/ph. Christian Novels Publishing) VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Northumberland 
P2944  "ALNWICK CASTLE"  (Bw/ph. NP) G+ GBP 0.70 =
P1823  "Bakethin Reservoir and Dam from the air"  (Keilder. Cl/ph. Promotex. No.756-10) M. GBP 0.25
P2975  "HEXHAM ABBEY"  (Bw/ph. NP) VG. GBP 1.00 =
P1804  "The Old Mill, Jesmond Dene. Newcastle-on-Tyne"  (Cl/ph. B.& D. 'KROMO Series' No.23 008. Used "LONDON W. JUN 3 ?") VG. GBP 1.60
P2928  "THE WATERFALL, JESMOND DENE, NEWCASTLE"  (Bw/R/ph. Panel. R.W.C. & Co. No.4. Used "BIRTLE? JA 6 08") G+ GBP 1.00 =
P3050  "Jesmond Dene, Cottage & Mill. Newcastle" (Cl/ph. Wrench Series. No.11857. Used. Not posted) VG. GBP £2.00 =
P2099  "Armstrong Bridge, Jesmond Dene"  (Cl/ph. Wrench Series. No.15472. Used "N'CASTLE-TYNE SEP 1 10" G. GBP 1.00
P0364  "ELSWICK PARK. NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE"  (Cl/ph. G.D. & D. "The Star Series") VG. GBP 1.50 =
P3053  "LEAZES PARK, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE"  (Cl/ph. G.D. & D. "The Star Series". Used "BIRTLEY ? AP 16 08") G++ GBP 1.50 =
P2055  "Grey's Monument, Newcastle"  (Cl/ph. Newcastle Chronicle Series. Used "DARLINGTON AU 26 04") G+ GBP 1.00
P2206  "The Cliffs, Pier, Castle and Priory. From Percy Gardens, Tynemouth"  (Cl/ph. B. Graham. Used "COCKERMOUTH DE 29 07") G++ GBP 1.50
P2008  "Spanish City, Whitley Bay"  (Cl/ph. Philco Series. No.4427. Used "WHITLEY BAY 6 SP 23") VG. GBP 1.00
P1887  "PROMENADE AND BATHING BEACH, WHITLEY BAY"  (Sep/R/ph. J. Brawley/Valentine's. No. 92913 J.V. Used but not posted. Water stain) G. GBP 0.50
+++++ Nottinghamshire  
P3046  "Major Oak. Sherwood Forest..."  (Bw/R/ph. R. Sneath. No.5905) VG. GBP 1.50 =
+++++ Oxfordshire  
P2174  "OXFORD. ORIEL QUADRANGLE, MERTON TOWER"  (Bw/ph. Tuck. 'Town & City' Series. No.2147. Used "OXFORD AU 21 06") VG. GBP 1.50
P1087  "THE HALL, CHRIST CHURCH, OXFORD (12)"  (Sep/R/ph. Valentines 95055. Used "? ? ?") Gum on back) G+ GBP 0.40
+++++ Shropshire  
P1867  "CLEE HILL. LUDLOW"  (Sep/R/ph. Judges. No.7562. Used "LUDLOW 7 JNE 1960") VG. GBP 1.00
+++++ Somerset  
P1420  "Culbone Church, The Smallest Church in England"  (Bw/ph. Montague Cooper. Used "WESTON-SUPER-MARE MR 7 06") VG. GBP 0.90
P1920  "PORTLAND..."  (Cl/ph. Dearden & Wade. No.3200) VG. GBP 0.50
P2235  "The Swans on the Palace Moat, Wells..."  (Cl/ph. Frith. No.55160) VG. GBP 1.00
+++++ Staffordshire 
P3035  "LICHFIELD: ST. CHADS CHAPEL"  (Bw/ph. Photochrom. No.36281) G++ GBP 1.00 =
+++++ Suffolk  
P1878  "Scarecrow Festival, Barton Mills..."  (Cl/ph. by Elizabeth Brotherton. Thought Factory) M. GBP 0.40
+++++ Surrey  
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Sussex  
P2151  "SUSSEX..."  (Map + cl/ph. A.E. Marchant. No.11815. Used "? 7 SEP 198?") VG. GBP 0.30
P2164  "Scene from the renowned TAPESTRY AT BAYEUX showing Bosham Church..."  (dr/des.) VG. GBP 1.00
A2183  "SELSEY - Golden sands..."  (Cl/ph. Colourpicture - Plastichrome. No.S85) VG. GBP 0.30
P2146  "SUN TERRACE AND MARINE COURT, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA"  (Bw/R/de/ph. Shoesmith & Etheridge. No.10781) VG. GBP 0.90
P1965  "The Cat Inn, West Hoathly"  (Sep/R/ph. H.H. Camburn. 'The Wells Series' No.13) VG. GBP 1.50
P2483  "PUTTING GREEN, MARINE GARDENS WORTHING"  (Cl/ph. Roberts & Wrate/Plastichrome. No.RW 110 & No.P37582) VG. GBP 0.50
P2678  "WORTHING..."  (Cl/ph/MV. NP. No.PLC3211) VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Warwickshire  
P3142  "DINING HALL, GREAT GATEHOUSE, KENILWORTH CASTLE"  (Sep/R/ph. Walter Scott. No.K863) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P2100  "ROYAL LEAMINGTON SPA..."  (Bw/R/ph/de. Valentine's. No.L.4131. Used "LEAMINGTON SPA 2 NOV 1960" Stamp removed) VG. GBP 0.60
P2197  "STRATFORD-UPON-AVON..."  (Cl/ph/des. Jarrold. SPB) VG. GBP 0.25
P3054  "STRATFORD-ON-AVON, ANNE HATHAWAY'S COTTAGE"  (Sep/ph. Photochrom. No.38815. "...1937" in ink on back) VG. GBP 1.00 =
P1059  "HOLY TRINITY CHURCH AND RIVER AVON, STRATFORD-ON-AVON"  (Sep/ph. Valentines. No.77884. Used "CHURCH SRETTON 20 AU 32") G+ GBP 0.50
P3274  "WARWICK CASTLE. THE DINING HALL WITH VANDYKE'S PAINTING OF CHARLES I"  (Cl/ph. Misch & Stock's "The British Empire" Series No.236. Used "KILBUR? OC 21 05") G. GBP 0.50 =
+++++ Westmorland  
P1127  "LANGDALE PIKES"  (Sep/R/ph. Judges. No.2120. Crease to SE) G+  GBP 0.40
+++++ Wiltshire 
P2078  "THE WHITE HORSE, CHERHILL, CALNE"  (Horses. Bw/R/ph. Valentine's. No.G4877) VG. GBP 1.50
P2647  "The Wiltshire Moon-Rakers..."  (B/w/des. Valentine's. No.H1220) VG. GBP 1.50
P2234  "CHERHILL WHITE HORSE. THIS FIGURE IS 157ft LONG..."  (Bw/R/ph. Valentine's No.L.7311) VG. GBP 1.50
P1791  "THE WHITE HORSE, WESTBURY..."  (Horses. Bw/R/ph. Valentine's. No.K.2083) VG. GBP 2.00
P2423  "WESTBURY WHITE HORSE..."  (Horses. Bw/R/ph. Valentine's. No.K7958) VG. GBP 2.00
Northern Ireland  
+++++ Co. Down  
P1091  "IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE, NEWCASTLE, CO. DOWNE"  (Sep/R/ph. Valentine's. No.219062. Used "NEWCASTLE BELFAST 11 AU 34") VG. GBP 0.50
P1056  "THE MOURNE MOUNTAINS FROM NEWCASTLE, CO. DOWN"  (Sep/R/ph. Valentine's. No.219080. Used "NEWCASTLE BELFAST 11 AU 34" Nick in top edge) G. GBP 0.30
General Topography 
P2128  "HIGHLAND CASTLES..."  (Cl/ph. Photo Precision Colourmaster No.GS651/PLC37341) VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Angus 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Argyllshire 
P2200  "Come Up and See Me Sometime At Machrihanish"  (Giraffe, Duck. Colour art by EN. NP. No.4524. Used "MACHRIHANISH 10 AU 36”. Good++) GBP 2.00
+++++ Dumfriesshire  
P2652  "ROMANTIC GRETNA GREEN..."  (B/w multi-view photographic postcard. Raphael Tuck. No.GG.18. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.50
P1060  "GRETNA GREEN"  (Sepia real photo postcard. Valentine's. No.201303. Used. Some thinning to back. Good) GBP 0.40
+++++ Dunbartonshire  
P1057  "LOCH LOMOND & BEN LOMOND"  (Tinted photo postcard. Photochrom. No.69936 Used "? 31 AU 38”. Good+) GBP 0.40
+++++ Inverness-shire 
P1781  "PORTREE - Isle of Skye"  (Colour photo postcard. Dixon. No.PIS 26141, Used "PORTREE 9 NOV 1989”. Very Good) GBP 0.25
+++++ Isle of Iona 
P3179  "IONA CATHEDRAL, ST. MARTIN'S AND ST. JOHN'S CROSSES. ISLE OF IONA"  (Sepia real photo postcard. Valentine's. No.A.739. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
+++++ Midlothian 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Perthshire  
P3045  "WAR MEMORIAL, ABERFELDY"  (Sepia real matt photo postcard. Valentine's. "Selectype" Series. No.86539. Unused. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
P3216  "PASS OF KILLIECRANKIE"  (Sepia real photo postcard. Robert Croll, Killiecrankie. (Valentine's) No.59903 JV. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
P2224  "The Leny, Callander"  (Colour art postcard. Unsigned. Hildesheimer. No.5311. Small thin to centre back of card. Unused. Good) GBP 0.35
P3068  "LOCH TAY SIDE"  (B/w matt real pohoto postcard. Killin Hotel. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
P0587  "CROSS ROADS, SMA' GLEN, PERTHSHIRE"  (Colour photo postcard. J.K.T.P Series. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2205  "Daybreak on the Tay"  (Bridge. B/w photo postcard. D.& S.K. 'Ideal Series’. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2089  "Daybreak on the Tay"  (Castle. B/w photo postcard. D.& S.K. 'Ideal Series'. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P1755  "A Harbour Mouth on the Tay"  (B/w photo postcard. D.& S.K. 'Ideal Series'. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P2142  "A Pretty Peep on the Tay"  (B/w photo postcard. D.& S.K. 'Ideal Series'. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P1732  "A Rift in the Clouds on the Tay"  (B/w photo postcard. D.& S.K. 'Ideal Series'. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
P1747  "Silvery Gleams on the Tay"  (B/w photo postcard. D.& S.K. 'Ideal Series'. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.50
+++++ Renfrewshire 
P2268  "YACHTING ON CLYDE, GOUROCK"  (Colour art postcard by E.H. Thompson. Valentine's. 'Art Colour' No.A1133. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.90
+++++ Stirlingshire 
P3015  "THE FOUR IN HANDS COACHES ON THE ROAD TO INVERSLAID, LOCH LOMOND" (Sepia real photo postcard. J.B. White. "Best of All Series" No.3311. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
P2119  "THE TROSSACHS"  (Sepia photo postcard. 12x fold-out views in official cover. Photochrom. No's 9513,30003,9507,74971,60416,30683,46353,9512,30006,74970,30004,9499. Unused. [Damage to envelope flap] Good++) GBP 1.50
P2475  "THE UPS AND DOWNS OF LIFE IN WALES"  (Colour art postcard. Valentine's. No.A2033. Used "PWLLHELI 30 SEP 1969”. Very Good) GBP 0.30
+++++ Anglesey  
P1088  "MENAI SUSPENSION BRIDGE"  (Sepia real photo postcard. Judges. No.10990. Used "AMLWCH S.O. 10 SP 36”Good++) GBP 0.50
P1054  "MENAI SUSPENSION BRIDGE"  (B/W real photo postcard. Photochrom. No.74800. Used "BEAUMARTIS 30 ? ?”. Good+) GBP 0.50
+++++ Brecknockshire 
P1749  "HAY-ON-WYE, BROAD STREET"  (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C1461. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.30
P1777  "HAY-ON-WYE, BROAD STREET"  (Colour photo postcard. Judges. No.C7415. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.30
+++++  Caernarvonshire 
P2150  "GELERT'S GRAVESTONE, BEDDGELERT"  (Bw/R/ph. Salmon. No.20143) VG. GBP 1.50
P2986  "THE SMALLEST HOUSE IN GREAT BRITAIN..."  (Conwy Quay. Cl/ph. R.Jones. No.20862 (5)) VG. GBP 2.00 =
P1782  "Snowdon and Llyn Padarn..."  (Cl/ph, Dixon No.WALES 1076) VG. GBP 0.25
P1808  "River Lledr, Bettsw-y-Coed..."  (Cl/ph. Dixon. No.WALES 1254) VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Pembrokeshire 
P2185  "Headland and Beach, Freshwater East"  ( Archway. No.2302) VG. GBP 0.30

+++++ Belgium 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Canada 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Denmark  
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ France  
P1968  "ANGERS" + "ANGERS CASTLE"  (2-side map and view card. Bw/ph/des. Editions de l'Ouest, Angers. 1950) VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Germany 
P2036  "Abend am Bodensee"  (Bw/R/ph. G. Feiner, Langenargen. No.38214. Used "LANGERNARGEN 21 AUG 38") VG. GBP 0.50
P1916  "Hamburg Hauptbahnhof - Bin soeben glucklich in Hamburg angekommen"  (Cl/art/des. Wilh. Junge. No.33490. Used "HAMBURG 16.5.25") VG. GBP 1.00
P1855  "Gruss aus Maria Dreieichen"  (Cl/art/des. Gruss aus. Franz Schemm, Nurnberg. Used. Stamp removed) G- GBP 0.60
+++++ Greece 
P2292  "ATHENS - View of the Acropolis"  (Cl/ph. Publisher ?. No. GRE 464) M. GBP 0.25
P2750  "ATHENS - Acropolis - Pathenon"  (Cl/ph. Publisher ?. No. GRE 548) M. GBP 0.25
P2436  "A view of Mykonos"  (Cl/ph. Publisher ?. No.X171) VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Hungary  
P1061  "Budapest - Royal Castle"  (Bw/R/ph. Used "BUDAPEST 1933 SEP 2" Gum to back) G+  GBP 0.50
P1040  "BUDAPEST - View from Gellerthill"  (Bw/R/ph. No.21. Used "BUDAPEST 1933 SEP 6" Some slight thinning to back) VG. GBP 0.50
+++++ Ireland 
P2059  "Coastal Sunset"  (Cl/ph. by E. Ludwig. John Hinde. No.2/51. Used "? 3 VIII 1967) VG. GBP 0.25
P2049  "The Blue Pool, Glengarriff, Bantry Bay, Co. Cork..."  (Cl/ph. John Hinde. No.2/23. Used "? ? JUL 1975") VG. GBP 0.25
P2067  "BANTRY BAY, CO. CORK, IRELAND"  (Cl/ph. Gift and News Shop. Used "GLEANNGARIH 28 VII 76")VG. GBP 0.25
P2079  "Blarney Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland"  (Cl/ph. by  E. Nagele. John Hinde. No.2/2. Used "? ? ?")VG. GBP 0.25
P2054  "New Bridge over the River Blackwater, Youghal, Co. Cork..."  (Cl/ph. Cardall. No.211. Used "LIOS MOR? 2 VIII 66") VG. GBP 0.25
P2933  "Myrtle Grove (Sir Waler Raleigh's), Youghal"  (C. Cork. Bw/ph. Valentine's. Used "ARDMO?? YOU?? AU 6 05") VG. GBP 1.50 =-
P2161  "CUSTOM HOUSE, DUBLIN"  (Sep/R/ph. Valentine's. No.207254) VG. GBP 0.80
P2086  "Rossbeigh Strand, Glenbeigh showing Dingle Mts., Kerry..."  (Cl/ph. John Hinde. No.2/246. Used "BAILE ATHA CLIATH 28 VIII 1974") VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Italy 
P1780  "ALASSIO Panoramic view and the beach"  (Cl/ph. Rivier Vision. Oval. Used "ALASSIO 6.7.72") VG. GBP 0.25
P1889  "Venexia - Icorcio"  (Bw/R/ph. Vera Fotografia. No.1197) VG. GBP 0.30
+++++ Japan 
P2261  "Ginza street on sunday Tokyo"  (Cl/ph. Buyokuchodo. Used "CH BA 3.VIII.1971") VG. GBP 0.25
+++++ Netherlands 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ Norway  
P1672  "Eneberettiget"  (Cl/art by J.F.E. NP. No.1013) VG. GBP 0.40
+++++ Poland 
P2101  "SZYNDZIELNIA KOLEJ GONDOLOWAA..."  (Cl/ph. by Stanislaw Skwierawski, Sles. No.227) M, GBP 0.20
+++++ Portugal  
P3012  "Look at that view!!! - Road from Montinhos down to Praia da Luz, PORTUGAL"  (Cl/art. Thought Factory) VG. GBP 0.30 =
P3116  "Luz Church, overlooking Praia da Luz Beach"  (Cl/ph by Sam King) VG. GBP 0.40 =
+++++ Singapore 
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++ South Africa 
P1790  "Ladysmith"  (Cl/ph. Sallo Epstein, Durban) VG. GBP 0.60
+++++ Spain  
P1660  "BARCELONA - 4 DIPUTACION: PATIO S. JORGE"  (Bw/R/ph. Used "BARCELONA 25 MAY 4?") G. GBP 0.30
P1661  "BARCELONA - 7 Catedral: Interior"  (Bw/R/ph. Used "BARCELONA 25 MAY 4?" Stamps removed) G+ GBP 0.30
P2016  "FORMENTOR (MALLORCA)"  (Cl/ph. Sadagcolor. No.PM 393) M. GBP 0.20
+++++ U.S.A.  
P1036  "PUBLIC LIBRARY, BOSTON, MASS."  (Cl/ph. Phostint. No.T0945) VG. GBP 0.50
P2936  "Sedgefield Inn at Greensboro, N.C."  (Hand coloured/ph. Albertype Co., N.Y.) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P1034  "Cafe, Hotel Statler Buffalo"  (Bw/ph.NP) VG. GBP 0.50
P3218  "Hotel Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.  (Cl/ph. Art Advertising Service, Philadelphia. No.118079) VG. GBP 1.50 =
P1035  "Farm House, Cedar Hill"  (Bw/ph. NP) VG. GBP 0.50
P1031  "Graves of World War Veterans, Arlington National Cemetery"  (Bw/R/ph. NP) VG. GBP 0.50
P1032  "Tomb of Unknown Soldier Arlington National Cemetery"  (Bw/R/ph. NP) VG. GBP 0.50
P1033  "Memorial Amphitheater Arlington National Cemetery"  (Bw/R/ph. NP) VG. GBP 0.50

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