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Listed below are badges and patches at fixed prices.

The list will be updated on a regular basis with new items added and sold items removed.
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Reference numbers are used with the permission of International Badgers Club.
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Condition of Badges/Patches are graded as follows:-
M. Mint - never used.
VG. Very Good - very little sign of use.
G. Good - general signs of wear but still presentable.
Poor - Heavy signs of wear or grubbiness.
+ or ++ signs may be added to above to further refine classification.

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A8947 Collection x3 Non UK Proficiency Badges (c.1970’s. Countries of origin not known. [Symbol. 36mm dia. Embroidered. Mint + Tent and Camp Fire. 40mm dia. Embroidered. Mint + Trumpet. 40mm dia. Embroidered. Mint. Lot x3) GBP 1.50 =
A8947 SCOUTS-ON-AIR (2x badges - a] 78mm diameter. Embroidered. Very Good. - b] 50x73mm. Woven. Bound. Very Good) Lot x2 GBP 1.50 =

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A4375  Scout Leader National Membership Miniature Lapel Stick-pin  (8x6mm. on 45mm stick-pin. Very Good) GBP 1.50

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A3878  "baladins"  (BEL/FSC/MISC/14)(5-7 year olds. Extinct. Woven on 38mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.90
A3877  "JUENS EN ROUTE" (BEL/MISC/18b)(Extinct variety. Woven on 14mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.65
+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. (F.O.S.):-  
A2654  "BELGIE"  Flag Strip  (Woven on 14mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.40
A2657  "F.O.S."  Wolf Cub Membership  (Woven on 33mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.45
A2658  Two Star Wolf Cub  (Woven on 33mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.45
A2659  "F.O.S." (Scout and Guide emblem above gold/red shaking hands. Woven on 33mm navy ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.60
+++++  Region and District Badges etc. (Federation Des Scouts Catholiques) (Woven on 50mm ribbon) :-
A2856  "BRABANT ROMAN PAIS"  (BEL/FSC/23)(Extinct. Woven on 40mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 1.20
A2896  "BRABANT SIX VALLEES" (BEL/FSC/25)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 0.95
A4300  "BRABANT WALLON"  (BEL/FSC/2)(Extinc. Mint) GBP 1.55
A4295  "BRUXELLES ABBAYES" (BEL/FSC/20)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A2897  "BRUXELLES HORIZON"  (BEL/FSC/28)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 0.95
A2899  "BRUXELLES IRIS" (BEL/FSC/27)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A2900  "BRUXELLES LONGCHAMP"  (BEL/FSC/21)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 0.95
A4296  "BRUXELLES NORD" (BEL/FSC/1)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A4297  "BRUXELLES WOLUWE" (BEL/FSC/22)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A4301  "ESCAUT"  (BEL/FSC/12)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A4302  "HAINAUT-CENTRE"  (BEL/FSC/18)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.20
A4303  "HAUTS LACS"  (BEL/FSC/11)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.20
A8113  "LIEGE-EST"  (BEL/FSC/15)(Extinct. Woven on 50mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 1.10 =
A2857  "LIEGE-OUEST"  (BEL/FSC/16)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A4305  "LUXEMBOURG"  (BEL/FSC/6)(Extinct. Shiny colours. Mint) GBP 1.20
A3875  "NAMUR"  (BEL/FSC/7)(Extinct. Shiny Gold. Shield 46mm high. Mint) GBP 1.30
A2855  "OUTRE-MEUSE"  (BEL/FSC/26)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 0.95
A2901  "TERRILS" (BEL/FSC/13)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 1.05
A2898  "VAL MOSAN"  (BEL/FSC/29)(Extinct. Mint) GBP 0.95
+++++  Region and District Badges etc. (F.O.S.):-  
A2660  "GEWEST ANTWERPEN"  (Woven on 14mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.45
A2661  "GEWEST MEETJESLAND"  (Woven on 10mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.45
A2663  "PROV. WEST-VLAANDEREN"  (Woven on 15mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.45

Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A3573  North Cyprus Turkish Republic Scout Membership (50x40mm. Embroidered. Mint) GBP 1.30

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
+++++  Service Stars (1960's. 17x15mm. Dull silver metal. Green behind number. Large ring fastener):-
A4372  "3" Years. (Very Good) GBP 0.60   
A4373  "6" or "9" Years. (Very Good) GBP 0.90
+++++  Event Badges :-
A6745  (1973) "HŎRRS NYGÅRD 1973"  (Woven on 45mm ribbon. Good++) GBP 0.50

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A3599  Wolf Cub Membership (Woven on 29mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.45

EUROPE (FSE is Federation Scouts de Europe.  Consists of Scouts from 12 European countries and some French speaking former colonies. Started in 1963 in France and recognised by the European Scout Council in 1980. Not recognised by the World Bureau)
Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A2684  Rover (1960’s. Lurex silver anchor on red shield on 50mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 1.40

+++++ Eclaireurs Neutres de France Membership Lapel pins  (all 13x10mm shield shape enamelled gold metal clutch-pins):-
A2801  Cubs (Yellow. Mint) GBP 1.90
A2800  Scouts (Green. Mint) GBP 1.90
A2799  Rovers (Red. Mint) GBP 1.90
A6391  "temoin" (Proficiency badge. Woven on 35mm ribbon. Good) GBP 0.35

+++++  Event Badges :-
A4531  (1968) "68"  (DPSG Action-for-the-Needy. Woven on 34mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.60
A6422  (1978) "78"  (Woven on 48mm ribbon. Very Good) GBP 0.45

A8410 Cub Scout Cap Badge (Rejected lighter green variety. 40mm dia. Woven. Bound. Mint) GBP 0.40 =

Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Region and District Badges :-
A3177  MUNSTER  (SAI/4)(Three crowns. 50x42mm. Woven/bound. Shiny gold. Mint) GBP 0.95
A4388  THOMOND  (SAI/12)(3x lions. Extinct. 42x40mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 2.00
+++++  Event Badges :-
A2708  (1991) "Super Bob-a-Job ‘91" (50x72mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.40

+++++  Region and District Badges :-
A2629  (1990) "CNGEI VERONA 75" (75th Anniv. Verona Scouting. 90x78mm. Embroidered. Mint) GBP 0.65

Nil entries at the moment.

Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A3659  One Year Service Star  (Large 3-point stay-bright silver metal star. Pin/clutch fastener. Mint) GBP 1.35
A3660  Five Year Service Star  (Large 3-point star within 20mm ring in stay-bright silver metal. Pin/clutch fastener. Mint) GBP 1.90
+++++  Event Badges :-
A3363  (1989) "1949-1989 JUBILIE JINE 40 STOVYKLA Didzioji Britanija"  (Jubilee Camp in England. Scouts/Guides. 68x56mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.95
A3601  (1997) "L.S.S. EUROPOS RAJONAS 50 metu 1997"  (50th Anniv. Lithuanian Scouts/Guides European Region. 63x88mm. Embroidered. Mint) GBP 1.00

Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Region and District Badges :- 
A7784  "GOZO"  (MALTA/12)(48x45mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.65

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A9135 WOLF CUB + BOY SCOUT Catholic Membership Badges (c.1970’s. (a) Wolf Cubs. 50x36mm. Embroidered red on green twill. Min. (b) Boy Scouts. 50x36mm. Embroidered red on khaki twill. Mint. Lot x2) GBP 4.00 =
A5293  Scout World Membership  (42mm dia. Embroidered. Mint) GBP 0.40
A5329  World Conservation  (45mm dia. Embroidered. Brown background. Mint) GBP 0.60
A6601  SWIMMER Proficiency Badge  (39mm dia. Embroidered.Mint) GBP 0.50
+++++  Region and District Badges :-
A7783  "DISTRICT DELFLAND"  (NETH/D1)(72x72mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.65
A7989  ROTTERDAM  (NETH/R2)(Extinct. Woven on 40mm ribbon. Very Good) GBP 0.90 =
A7991  "DISTRIKT ZOOMSTREEK"  (NETH/Z5)(Extinct. 55x55mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 1.00 =
+++++  Group Badges, Etc. :-
A6137  "alvozoa HOLLAND"  (Sea Lions. Woven on 15mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.15
+++++  Event Badges :-
A4827  (1983) "IFOFSAG AIDSEGA DAFSEN 1983 - ERIC PITTS GB"  (55mm. Button badge. Very Good) GBP 0.35

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A4412  Scout Promise Membership miniature stick-pin (8x8mm blackened silver metal. "CZU""WAJ" on 40mm stick-pin. Mint) GBP 1.50
+++++  Region and District Badges :-
A4413  "BIELSKO-BIAKA"  (POL/REG/4b)(58x43mm. Printed plastic on felt. Mint) GBP 1.00
A3658  "KUTNO" (POL/DIST/35)(58x42mm. Printed plastic on felt. Mint) GBP 1.00

+++++  Event Badges :-
A2742  (1994) "1994 INTERNACIONAL DA FAMILIA – CORPO NACIONAL DE ESCUTAS"  (63mm dia. Woven/Cut edge. Mint) GBP 0.90

Nil entries at the moment.

Nil entries at the moment.

+++++  Region and District Badges :-
+++++  Movimento Scout Catalico (All un-named. Woven on 31mm ribbon):-
A4574  Barcelona (SPC/MSC/B1)(Mint) GBP 0.50

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
A2374  "FOR SCOUTING"  Plastic Lapel Pin (Early. 18x15mm plastic badge on 25mm stick-pin. "KABO STHLM" on back. Very Good) GBP 3.00
+++++  Group Badges Etc. :-
Nil entries at the moment.
+++++  Camp Badges :-
A4767  "VASSARO"  (Woven on 50mm ribbon. Good) GBP 0.20

+++++  Insignia and Award Badges, Etc. :-
Nil entries at the moment.

Nil entries at the moment.

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